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Awesomenauts: Starstorm Kickstarter a success with over $400K pledged

The Kickstarter campaign for Awesomenauts: Starstorm has ended a success with $345,835 pledged, and combined with Ronimo Games' own crowdfunding site running parallel, the total raised sits at over $410,000.

The expansion to Awesomenauts will contain the following added features thanks to the stretch goals being met:

  • Four new Awesomenauts and a map will be added to the game, tied together by the new Starstorm narrative.
  • Full spectator mode and replay system. Players will be able to spectate any public matches that are currently going on, as well as watch replays later.
  • Custom games setup, allowing private matches to be fully customized.
  • Two new songs will be created and added to the soundtrack.

And since Ronimo's own crowdfunding page is still open, the next stretch goal - $415,000 - will add a fifth character and a third song.

You can watch the developers get drunk and celebrate the final moments of the Kickstarter campaign on Twitch here.

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