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Awesomenauts turns one, new trailer shows the journey so far

Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games is celebrating the first birthday of its popular MOBA fighter with the release of a new trailer documenting the title so far, and by discussing some new content on the horizon.

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In a release sent to VG247 this morning, Ronimo noted that in the space of a year the Aswesomenauts character roster has more than doubled from six to 13, and that newcomer Admiral Swiggins is next on the slate. He was designed as part of a community 'design-your-Awesomenaut' contest.

The team also flagged up one new addition in the game's incoming 1.18 patch, which is currently in beta. The update will add a new premium Leon Pirate skin, complete with new outfit and voiceover. The team also sent us a trailer for the new DLC:

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Happy birthday Awesomenauts. Are you still playing the game? Are you a fan? Let us know about it below.

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