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Avalanche isn't too fond of "forced" multiplayer or "crap" DLC

Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg isn't a fan of "forced" multiplayer or DLC which some studios use to milk more money out of consumer's wallets.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sundberg said DLC is always he best way to ensure people will keep playing a game, even if he particularly liked the DLC released for his firm's last outing, Just Cause 2.

"DLC is not needed to keep players engaged if the game is well executed," he said. "We create a game allowing players to properly explore and have fun and not focusing so much on the actual end goal of the game.

"As most publishers and developers have run around as headless chickens the last three years looking for a way to make money, DLC was definitively a tool to try to keep players engaged, but how many games have been truly successful with DLC? Not that many.

"The big thing now is to force multiplayer into games that are really single-player games just to combat second hand sales and that makes absolutely no sense as it just consumes budget and does not add any value except on the back of the box.

"Proper DLC that adds value is great but so far very few games have motivated me to actually pay for the DLC. I've just paid for the crap that developers decided to cut because they didn't have the time to get into the game."

Sundberg said Avalanche is "pretty damn good at doing games that keep players engaged," without having to release "an iOS app to flip around with on the subway" so that gamers are keeping "their minds on the IP."

Avalanche has various projects in the pipe for both current and next-gen due in 2013 and 2014. One is an open-world title for Just Cause 2's publisher, Square Enix.

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