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Auto Assault canning was "very difficult thing to get through," says NetDevil

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Speaking in this RPS interview, MMO developer NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck has talked in detail about moving on from the closure of the NCSoft-published Auto Assault.

"Obviously after the game didn’t do as well as expected and was eventually turned off, that’s a very difficult thing to get through," he said. "As a team you end up spending years of your life working very long hours and when that doesn’t pay off the way you expect, then that’s certainly a painful thing. We ended up spending a lot of time thinking and evaluating why things didn’t go better and learned a lot of lessons from that which we are applying across the board."

Auto Assault, the post-apocalyptic, car-based MMO, was turned off in March 2007. Check out the rest of the interview for lots more on NetDevil's current baby, Jumpgate Evolution.

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