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Audio of Shigeru Miyamoto's press conference in Paris released

Below the break is a video of Shigeru Miyamoto's recent press conference in Paris, where he discussed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Starfox 64, and Super Mario 3D for 3DS.

Granted, it's not an actual video, but a slide show of pictures from the presser put together by Gamekyo, with audio of Miyamoto's chat. It's in Japanese and French, so, if you cannot understand either, here's basically what he talked about in the City of Light:

Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Game is done and dusted with Nintendo working on translations of the game which will be made available after E3.
  • The game is an improvement over the original because the object management system using the touch screen is easier and it now runs at 30 frames per second instead of 20.
  • The added Boss Mode was discusses where you can face all the bosses in the game again.
  • Master Quest Mode lets you play in mirror mode, which reverses all the sets and causes enemies to move and look different than before.
  • A support system is included and the game is compatible with the gyro (slingshot, bow, etc.).

Starfox 64

  • The game is finished and will have the same name everywhere.
  • Like Ocarina of Time, it is compatible with the gyro which "gives a new dimension to the game."

Super Mario 3D

  • Heavily in development
  • Is a cross between Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros..
  • Will be fully unveiled at E3.
  • The raccoon tail in the logo probably means what you think it means.
  • The camera system will offer a "fixed interest in which Mario can move around the screen depth or to the player." The method was also used slightly in Super Mario 64 and "brings dynamism to the staging of the game."

Other things of note

  • Mario Kart 3D will release on 3DS this year.
  • Flipnote Studio will be heading to eShop. It will still be free, and will allow you to share your creations with friends.
  • Nintendo is experimenting with several 3D concepts at the moment such a game where the player discovers what is being "displayed by moving different ways to see different facets. Objects can look like something particular, but could turn out to be something completely different once looked at from a different perspective.
  • Currently, the firm is testing a game where images are only available to the left eye while another is only visible to the right. Miyamoto said this concept could allow for a game where you play with phantoms so the player would not necessarily see what happens them. Apparently, Miyamoto loves ghost stories.
  • Nintendo thought a lot about possible connections between 3DS and a future home console, where 3DS can be used as a joystick. Nintendo is testing several options at this time.

Thanks, Gameyko.

Conférence Shigeru Miyamoto à Paris from Gamekyo on Vimeo.

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