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AU News Wrap, September 29 - What happened today

What didn't happen today, amirite? You're right: I didn't eat anything not "cooked" in a microwave. That did not occur. Good call.

This instant food thing has got to stop. Why don't I have time to shop and cook properly? Because I'm a barely competent, disorganised woman-child? Oh, yeah. Well, I'm going to spend all of tonight drawing a pretty schedule with dedicated being organised times on it! Take that, procrastination!

Today's image comes from Katamari Forever. I was pretty slow to discover Katamari - it arrived while I was kind of in a blackout on games due to extreme student poverty - so this PlayStation 3 release was my fist experience.

Concerns over the franchise's creator-less development aside for a moment: gosh is Katamari fun. It took me ages to learn it properly, but once I got in the zone... I still break it out if I'm feeling restless or anxious. It always calms me down - and makes me smile.

The King of the Cosmos has a Twitter account, by the way, but it's been quiet for ages. I hope Namco resurrects it for upcoming releases. The King is my favourite fictional monarch - even passing Dragon Age's Alistair, the love of my Warden's life.

Stay tuned for Pat's Bulletcast for a summary of the past few hours, or check out the mysteriously combined EU and US news wrap for a complete list.

Now: the news.

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