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Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 1 Memory 1: Memories of Versailles

Chase Hugo to get your watch back, then escape and return to De La Serre Estate.


Assassin's Creed: Unity guide - Sequence 1 Memory 1: Memories of Versailles

The real game starts here, although we're going to visit with a younger version of Arno before we get into the assassin's shoes for real. There are two optional challenge to complete here to prove your worth (and start building towards 100% completion). The first requires you to be be quick on your feet during chases and may take a few tries, while the second is easily accomplished by parkour-ing over every likely object. I'll let you know when these opportunities arise.

  • Don't get tackled
  • Pass under or over five objects

Follow the Girl
After a cut scene, you'll have to follow a girl. She doesn't seem to determined not to be caught, so trot after her until you reach the gazebo.

Steal an Apple
Let me save you some frustration: this is a set-piece, and you will be caught when you attempt to follow your objective. Just wander up to the table and follow the prompts to insta-fail.

Hide from the Guard
Oh-oh! We're on the lam. Break the guard's line of sight by ducking behind some bushes; this will befuddle the AI and trick it into searching industriously near where it last saw you. You, I hope, are long gone, having made a break for more cover some distance away. Keep out of sight for a few moments until the guard gives up and buggers off.

Speak to the Girl
The chortling servant with his back to the wall won't give you away, so sneak in the door while the guard is distracted; to may need to let him catch sight of you and begin investigating in order to lure him away again. The world will never know of your fruit-thieving ways.

Follow the Girl
This girl does a lot of leading, and I like that in a female character. She doesn't lead you anywhere particularly challenging, though.

Find Out What's Happening
See how the objective changed? Well, don't get too excited; your job is still to follow the girl. Eventually you'll run into Arno's dad, who - well, just watch the cutscene, yeah? And I'll see you in about ten years.

Tackle Hugo
Welcome back. Your goal here is to tackle Hugo, but don't be too aggressive; make sure you take the time to pass over or under nearby objects when prompted, to end well on the way to the five required for the optional challenge. You can get all five if you run parallel to Hugo's path and take advantage of open windows. A cutscene plays when you finally bring Hugo down.

Escape from the Brothers
It's now your turn to be chased, and if you want that second challenge objective, stay well away from the guards and the pursuing brothers. If you didn't manage five parkour moments in the last chase, get that done now by heading down a street. Once you're satisfied, head for the rooftops and break line of sight to make your escape. Stay hidden until your objective updates.

Go to the De La Serre Estate
Nobody's looking for you now, so all you have to do to complete this mission is head to the objective marked on your map, where you'll see another cutscene.

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