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Aska is a Viking-themed, open-world survival tribe builder going into closed alpha next week

Survive, build, craft, fight, farm, sail, fight mythical creatures, and more.

Sand Sailor Studios has announced Aska, its Viking-themed game that places you in the role of a tribal leader after landing your ship in a mystical ever-changing new realm.

In the game, you will need to survive, build, craft, fight, farm, sail, and prepare for the Dead Winter as you seek to create a self-sustaining Viking society. You can work with up to three other players to command villagers and prepare your tribe for the "ancient threat that winter will bring."

Aska Announcement Trailer - Closed Alpha November 2022

You will also assign jobs to villagers, build castles, and construct workshops, mines, and farms. Exploring the world will also find you discovering hidden loot and resources and fighting mythical enemies.

Here's a list of features:

  • Up to four players can play together and command villagers, building their tribe from the ground up, hunting for resources, and surviving the ancient threat winter will bring
  • Assign each villager various jobs as they contribute to the tribe and leave their mark on the settlement. Training your villagers will increase their abilities whether in battle or in their chosen vocation.
  • Construct workshops, mines, farms, castles, and defenses as you expand your village. What starts as a collection of modest huts, ends up becoming a prosperous village where crops are farmed, towers are raised, and anvils are hammered.
  • Customize buildings with functional furniture and various decorative items.
  • Discover hidden caves, and other incredible areas in the world, all filled with loot and valuable resources
  • Sail your own customizable Viking ship, discover new lands, and build outposts across the world. Set up supply lines between settlements and create a self-sufficient Viking empire.
  • Explore a fantastical, completely procedurally generated world filled with secrets, landmarks, and threats, keeping every session dynamic and fresh.
  • Experience a realistic and dynamic weather system across the world, with survival priorities shifting in turn with the seasons
  • Fight a variety of mythical enemies in exciting skill-based combat.
  • A wise tribe leader prepares for war in times of peace. In this mystical land, an ancient evil has been dwelling in the shadows, waiting for the first frost to fall. During the harshest season of all, while your tribe is battling the elements, the dark inhabitants of this world prepare to strike.

If the game interests you, get a first taste of what it offers in the single-player closed alpha, starting on November 24. Sign ups open here.

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