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APB: Retribution gets debut trailer, screens and a Hotline Miami twist

APB: Retribution is the tactical, top-down shooter from Reloaded Productions and Blazing Griffin. Think Hotline Miami meets GTA and you're along the right lines. We've just received the game's first trailer, and you can check it out here.

The game is being developed in Scotland and is coming to iOS soon. It's set in APB's city of San Paro, where you're charged with exacting bloody revenge on Old Harry, leader of the Horca gang. Basically, he's left you for dead, spurring a violent campaign through the city's underworld. Expect tons of hacking, slashing, shooting and bludgeoning along the way.

It's a one hit death scenario too, so don't expect an easy ride.

We've got a gallery of hand-painted screens below, and expect the first APB: Retribution interview here on VG247 soon.

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