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Anno 2070 announced, takes series to the future

The long-running Anno series of simulation and strategy games is getting a new entry - and a new time period - thanks to publisher Ubisoft. The new title is Anno 2070. And yes, that does mean this game will be set nearly 60 years in the future.

Developed by Related Designs with some help from Blue Byte Software, the new game is a massive change to the IP, which has thus far been set in the Middle Ages.

Anno 2070 will be set in a future where climate change has caused oceans to rise. Players will have to adapt to the new ecology while also developing new technology and still build up their trading empires, as in previous games in the series.

Players will be able to choose from two factions; the environmentally friendly Ecos, or the technology-based Tycoons. Look for a single-player campaign, a single-player sandbox mode, online multiplayer and more. The game is due out later this winter.

Previous games in the Anno series have gotten a name change when released in the US, but there's no hint at this for Anno 2070 thus far.

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