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Global Distrust DLC now available for Anno 2070

Ubisoft has announced downloadable content for Anno 2070 is now available.

Taking place in the future on an island of new technologies and challenges, players must manage the place and its economic system. Called Global Distrust, the Tycoons are "vying to increase their value in the gameworld by adapting to the environmentalists and making use of increased expansion and trading."

Actions taken to help the company overcome financial crisis will provide the player with scenario challenges which will hopefully lead the Global Trust "back to its financial glory."

Patch 1.4 comes with new free elements and a new world event with details below:

  • Global Distrust – The great stock market crash - World-Event: The “Former” Technology brought great success to the Eden Initiative and raised their number of followers and investors. In the Background, Global Trust develops a plan to catch up with the Ecos and stop their rising profit and popularity. The Tycoons bethink themselves of their initial strength and expertise: The financial sector. Trading and expansion shall invert the obsolescence. To have an eye on the economy you generate access to the brand new statistic center by fulfilling the world event.
  • New free element: Fountain Waterfall, Statue Stock crash, Flowerbed, Billboard, Autumn Tree

DLC Content

  • "Central Statistical" Package: Get direct access to the statistic center without fulfilling the world event upfront. You’d like to dress your brand new tool with an exclusive skin? The “Central Statistical” Package provides you with a glamorous look for this economy building.
  • "Crisis Response" Package: Master two exclusive Tycoon missions to convince lost investors and attract new followers. Mission 1: The long way there. Mission 2: Final spurt.
  • Distrust Series" Package: The financial boom and growing consumer behavior, taking place in the Tycoon cities, raises the desideratum to express this prosperity visually. A large variation of ornamental buildings brings variation to the city centers:
  • Security fence Section
  • Security fence Corner
  • Safety fence Gate
  • Covered city center
  • Searchlight
  • Carousel display
  • Shopping Mall Entrance
  • Shopping Mall Corridor
  • Shopping Mall Corner
  • Shopping Mall Intersection

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