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Fashion labels Marc Jacobs and Valentino release outfits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Fashion brands Marc Jacobs and Valentino have each released a line of digital outfits to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Developed in partnership with Instagram page Animal Crossing Fashion Archive, the outfit lines - which recreate a number of pieces from each fashion house in-game - were revealed on the labels' Twitter and Instagram channels.

"Excited to announce that we collaborated with @maisonvalentino on 20 custom men’s and women’s SS20/PF20 looks, featuring fluorescent dresses, puffer jackets, logo hats and more," reads a statement from the ACFA. "So grateful to Valentino for creating an open conversation with artists on this platform, proving that the joy of creation translates into the digital realm and beyond."

A post from the official Marc Jacobs Instagram reveals an additional six outfits have been recreated for Animal Crossing. Check out tweets from Marc Jacobs and Valentino below for a glimpse.

To access these looks, all you need to do is plug in the creator code. The Marc Jacobs creator code is MA-6128-9720-4153, while the Valentino creator code is MA-1182-5456-5837. Alternatively, you can use the QR codes associated with either brand to download the outfits through the terminal in the Abel Sisters store.

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