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Amplitude reboot has been delayed to January 2016 for a very good reason

The Amplitude reboot for PlayStation 3 and PS4 has been delayed, according to a post by Harmonix on the project's Kickstarter page.

Originally set for release in March 2015 before being delayed into summer, the game will instead be released for backers in December 2015 if they chose early access.

The reason for the delay: the studio is adding more content to the game.

According to Harmonix (thanks, Gematsu), the team decided to "increase the project budget" and make Amplitude "bigger and better" than the scope originally pitched.

The track list has been increased from 16 to 30 songs, and two extra playable environments have been added along with more gameplay modes.

Another "still-to-be-announced way to play the game" is also in the works and it will "change the way you think about Amplitude’s six-lane track.”

Amplitude will release in January 2016 for the general public first on PS4 and the PS3 version "will follow shortly behind."

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