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You can now pre-order Splatoon Bundles and amiibo through Nintendo's UK store

Nintendo is now accepting pre-orders for the standard version of Splatoon as well as the special edition of the Wii U title which comes with a Squid amiibo.

Various packs, which come with a t-shirt, are available with some including an inkling boy or girl amiibo.

Here's the condensed list of offers:

  • Standard game - £34.99
  • Special edition including Squid amiibo - £39.99
  • Splatoon + one amiibo (boy or girl) - £45.99
  • Splatoon + all three character amiibo - £61.99

Splatoon is a Wii U exclusive and is set for a worldwide release in May.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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