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AMD confirms quad-core laptop and octo-core desktop CPUs for 2012


AMD said today it's to take both its laptop and desktop products to a grand new level in the next two years, showing plans to release CPUs based on the Bulldozer and Bobcat chips.

Trinity, Krishna, Wichita and Komodo are four brand new chipsets AMD said today it will ship in 2012.

Trinity will be a laptop CPU punching 2-4 Bulldozer cores, while Komodo will being up to eight bulldozer core to desktops.

It's now known that Bulldozer and Bobcat won't be limited to either desktop or laptop: fast notebooks and mid-range towers can get the same four high-end cores in the form of a 32nm Trinity APU, while Krishna and Wichita will take care of the low-end with 28nm silicon.

The news comes from two CPU roadmap images released by the firm today. There are no details on speeds, prices or anything else at the moment.

Hit the images below for bigger versions.



Thanks, Engadget.

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