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Alpha Protocol boss - Sex for sex's sake is "pretty ridiculous"


Alpha Protocol lead designer Chris Avellone told VG247 that, to say the least, he's not a big fan of including sex in game for cheap thrills.

"I think the focus on sex solely as sex - or more specifically, the taboo it has - is pretty ridiculous," said the developer, speaking in an extensive Obsidian interview published today.

Spy RPG Alpha Protocol does include sex, but Avellone said the game's carnal aspects are all in there for a reason.

"I don’t see sex in games as an achievement to be earned, but as an experience, and I think Alpha Protocol delivers it as an experience first," he said.

"There’s a lot of emotional depth in Alpha Protocol from bonding over mutual respect, friendship, questioning traditional loyalty (at points, quite extreme), and even what I would call 'no-mances,' which are devoid of romantic feeling entirely but provide a nice character arc for the player and the target, regardless.

"All of these aspects also change the flow of the game, the story, character’s attitudes, and can cause changes in your companions, missions, objectives, and even expose more of the backstory of you and your love interest."

Hit the link for the full thing. Alpha Protocol releases for PC, 360 and PS3 next year.

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