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All Capcom TGS presser news - DMC confirmed, Dead Rising 2: Case West, all media here

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Capcom's TGS press conference today saw some big announcements, such as Ninja Theories DMC and a Dead Rising 2 epilogue in the 360-exclusive Case: West. Hit the link for all the new, screens and videos.

Dev head Keiji Inafune opened preceedings by addressing remarks he's previously made about the Japanese games industry being dead.

The main theme of Capcom's press conference in Tokyo today, he said, is that "the Japanese industry is not dead as long as Capcom is still around."

Case: West, Blue Castle acquired

More than 500,000 units of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero have now been sold, Inafune said. The prequel sold more than 300,000 units in its first week on sale at the beginning of September.

The conference's first major piece of new was that Dead Rising 2 will also get an epilogue in Dead Rising 2: Case West, obviously involving Frank West from the first game.

Both West and Dead Rising 2's Chuck will appear in the game, which, as with Case Zero, will be a 360 exclusive.

Inafune then said that Capcom has purchased Canadian Dead Rising 2 developer, Blue Castle. The studio's to be renamed Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.

All the first screens and art are below. Here's the Case: West trailer:

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Asura's Wrath coming from Cyber Connect 2

The conference's second major piece of news was the announcement of an Unreal 3-powered action title called Asura's Wrath.

The 360 and PS3 title is in development at Cyber Connect 2, and features the ability to summon a god to defeat enemies.

Footage of the title showed the hero, Asura, being spiked with spears then dealing with enemies in traditional hack 'n' slash fashion. Some kind of space Buddha was seen poking a planet. Wacky Japanese kids.

There was no date, but the developers said it was a way out.

Get the first shots down below. Here's the trailer:

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Ninja Theory's DMC confirmed

Another new IP was then announced. It's called DMC, and, as expected, it's being developed by Ninja Theory. It's being done in America, apparently. Get full details here.

A trailer showed Dante in a red and black coat with two pistols and a sword being asked his name in a mental institution. He confirmed his named is Dante at the end of the trailer before leaping through a window.

The anti-hero was shown as being younger than in previous Devil May Cry games.

The game is called DMC with Devil May Cry as a subtitle. Inafune said it was "too early" to put a date on it.

Inafune closed out without any mention of a new Resident Evil title, as had been hoped.

The first screens and HD movie are below. He looks as though he's had a bad day, right?

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