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Acti Blizz - We own 55% of all music games in US and Europe


Activision boss Mike Griffith said in the Acti Blizz Q1 earnings call last night that Guitar Hero is now responsible for more than half of all rhythm action sales in the US and Europe.

"This quarter, we further extended our advantage for the Guitar Hero franchise," he said. "We ended the quarter with a 55% share of all rhythm and music based games in North America and Europe, up 10 full points from the prior year, as we took share from Rock Band in both North America and Europe."

Griffith wasn't done with the Rock Band-bashing.

"In Europe, where expansion of the franchise remains a strategic priority, quarterly sell-through was up over 80 percent year over year, with Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band by 10:1," he added.

"Our competitive position should further improve next month when we launch Guitar Hero Metallica in Europe."

You go, girl. Get the rest of the news from the call here.

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