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Ace Team hasn't forgotten about Zeno Clash 2

aceteamlogo Ace Team, the Santiago, Chile-based developer behind Zeno Clash will one day revisit the popular beat 'em up. For now they're all about Rock of Ages, a game which is shaping up to be an imaginative mix that owes a little to everything from Breakout to Tower Defence.

That doesn't mean Zeno Clash 2 - which the developer announced was in planning shortly after the first Zeno Clash was launched - is history. Ace Team's Andres Bordeu told RPS they will "continue the story and deliver a great new Zeno Clash experience–but when the time is right."

Designer Carlos Bordeu (Andres' brother) has previously stated on the Ace Team forums Zeno Clash 2 was "very far off", with no dates in mind.

Ace Team also shifted from using the Source Engine to Unreal Engine 3, mainly to facilitate development on the PS3 as well.

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