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Ace Attorney 5 coming to 3DS, says latest Famitsu

Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed for 3DS via everyone's favourite moon language weekly, Famitsu.

Andriasang reports the new entry in the popular puzzle or visual novel franchise has not been dated. Presumably we're looking at a 2013 release though, as there's already one franchise entry this year - Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

A later report says Famitsu confirmed Ace Attorney 5 will be playable at the event, with a special 15 minute demo on show.

Phoenix Wright returns as the protagonist, having been replace by Apollo Justice in Ace Attorney 4 (and totally outshone by Miles Edgeworth in a couple of unnumbered entires), and will face down Winston Payne's brother. Wright will be joined by a new character, a girl in yellow clothes. It's set one year after the events of Ace Attorney 4, and kicks off with an explosion at the courthouse; a sickly teenage girl named Shinobu is implicated.

According to second-hand accounts of screenshots, the game will have full 3D character models like Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, and there will be some mechanic for changing facial expression or emotion.

Ace Attorney 5 was announced in January but had not been detailed until now. It hasn't been confirmed for western release, but only the Professor Layton crossover and one Miles Edgeworth title have not yet made it out of Japan.

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