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A Valley Without Wind offers first public beta client - go get 'em!

The strange and intriguing indie survival game A Valley Without Wind has just gone into beta - check out the trailer, the beta client, and the hefty pre-order bonus, in that order.

A Valley Without Wind is a side-scrolling RPG adventure featuring a vast, persistance, procedurally-generated world. Players are tasked with assisting survivors, battling enemies, gathering resources, building settlements, and generally surviving the strange environment as they explore.

You can download both PC and OS-X versions of the beta client from a number of mirrors, and if you like what you see, advance purchase the full game - pre-orders go for half price at just $10.

No release date has been set for A Valley Without Wind, but you can follow its development on the Arcen Games blog.

Here's the promised trailer, to give you an idea of how exactly your life will be sucked away.

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