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Final beta phase for A Valley Without Wind begins

Arcen Games has announced the third and final beta testing phasefor A Valley Without Wind has begun, the side-scrolling, open-world action game is nearing a full release for Windows and OS X.

According to the firm: "The mechanics have been streamlined, a fully fleshed-out player experience is now in place, and tons of new content has been packed in -- including a variety of new missions, spells, armor enchants, guardian powers, and more. Multiplayer has also come a long way, and players are having a blast running their own beta servers. There are a few multiplayer remaining bugs to iron out prior to 1.0, plus the need for a server browser, but it's already a satisfying experience."

You can watch a video for the beta below, and check out the features list for the game through the official website.

Brenna spent some time with the game as well, and you can read over her thoughts on it here.

Thanks, Blue.

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