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Snoop Dogg is now a hockey player in NHL 20

Rapper Snoop Dogg is now a commentator and playable character in NHL 20.

The hip hop legend was added to the game in its latest patch, which sees him both out on the ice and commentating alongide play-by-play announcer James Cybulski. Snoop announced his role in the game over Twitter, writing "Ice hockey really be lit now with me in the booth!!"

In one of the stranger celebrity crossovers in gaming, the Doggfather is a playable character in NHL 20’s World of Chel online multiplayer modes, which starts you out in a Pro-Am league before pitting you against classic teams and players. In-game, Snoop rocks a custom jersey bearing his name and his hometown zip code, as you can see below:

But Snoop does in fact have experience in hockey commentating. Earlier this year, the LA Kings had Snoop in the booth doing a play-by-play.

And of course, he is no stranger to gaming. Snoop was included as an in-game announcer in Call of Duty: Ghosts way back in 2014, starred in his own rhythm-action game Way of the Dogg, and has more recently been popping up on the occasional Twitch stream under his username Doggydogg20.

NHL 20 launched this year for PS4 and Xbox One.

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