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360 already has "memorable" MMO "experiences," says MS


Microsoft has responded to claims from Bill Roper that Don Mattrick isn't a "fan" of the MMO genre by saying 360 is already creating "memorable" MMO experiences for its 17 million Live members.

Cryptic design boss Roper told VG247 yesterday that he thought it unlikely Microsoft would announce a first-party MMO for 360 at E3, as Xbox boss Mattrick isn't keen on the sector.

In a statement issued to VG247, a Microsoft US spokesperson said:

We're already tapping into the robust Xbox LIVE community of more than 17 million members to create memorable massively multiplayer experiences on Xbox 360. In fact, we already have MMOs on the console, including "Final Fantasy XI" and "Phantasy Star Universe," and even more on the way with "Age of Conan." We're even introducing the first a whole new type of massively multiplayer online game later this year with "1 vs. 100," a dynamic, interactive game that lets the LIVE community play along in front of an audience of thousands and an actual host for a chance to win real prizes.

MMO games are a growing category on consoles today and they hold great potential for the future, and Xbox 360 is the only console with the rich online capabilities of Xbox LIVE to deliver those kinds of innovative experiences in the living room.

Roper himself is working on Cryptic's Champions online, which is in development for 360 as well as PC.

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