Chicken Dinner is a new website that takes any PUBG replay and turns it into a top-down 2D video

September 28, 2018 Sherif Saed

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A new indie website has decided to bring a bit of a different flare to your typical PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds match replays.

The site is part of of MinMax, a network that provides smart interactive tools for a few other games like Slay the Spire, Subnautica – with Chicken Dinner being the PUBG one.

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What it does is simple. After typing in your PUBG in-game name, it brings up a few of your recent game replays. Anyone can use it – even Xbox One players – with different toggles for the game’s various server regions.

All replays get turned into an amusing 2D representation of the match that not only lets you jump between players like PUBG’s in-game tool allows, it doesn’t have the 2Km radius limitation. The developers added many animations to make the action look better, as well as alerts for kills and knock-outs.

At any moment, you’re able to zoom in or out and speed up the replay by up to 100x. It works on mobile, too, according to the developer. Though you can share replays, there doesn’t seem to be any embed codes.

It’s well done, and if nothing else, it lets you see how close you – or anyone you’re watching – got to getting jumped.

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It’s not going to archive every replay you’ve created ever, but you’ll see a good 30 or so. Here’s Shroud‘s page, for instance.

Check it out at the link above.

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