Meet Pokemon Go’s region-exclusives: Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d

By Alex Donaldson, Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:00 GMT

No matter what you do, you won’t find these Pokemon in the wild outside of their natural habitats.


Pokemon Go’s Pokedex has grown with the introduction of the Gen 2 creatures, and so has the list of region-specific pokemon.

The case was initially cracked last year by websites like the excellent Pokemon fan site Serebii and Reddit research group The Silph Road who were confident that a scant few Pokemon weren’t just more scarce in some regions of the world than others but were in fact absent entirely.

These pokemon are only found in certain parts of the world, but if jet-setting around the globe for the sole purpose of finding yourself a Tauros isn’t in your monthly budget, Pokemon Go’s Safari Zone events will offer players the opportuniy to catch these region-locked pokemon

Is used to be possible to hatch region specific pokemon from eggs, saving you an overseas trip, but the December 2016 update seemingly put a stop to that, according to The Silph Road’s research.

If you want to add a Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d, Heracross, and Corsola, here’s where you can find them:


Where to find Tauros in Pokemon Go


If you’re looking for Tauros we’re unfortunately not just going to be able to advise you to just head on out to a certain area as we can do for most types of Pokemon in the game.

Instead, to find this bull-like Pokemon you’re going to have to be somewhere in North America. It’s a normal-type Pokemon, and so spawns pretty much anywhere – but only on that continent.

There are reports that Tauros sightings are down since the Gen 2 update, so don’t be so eager to send them to the Professor.


Where to find Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go


Another Normal-type Pokemon that can generally speaking be found pretty much anywhere, Kangaskhan too is limited to one continent. It doesn’t exactly take much to guess where these kangaroo-like creatures can be caught…

Yeah, you guessed it – Australia. Not just Australia, it seems, since Kangaskhan has been reported as spawning right across the Australasia region by local fans. Still – appropriate!


Where to find Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go


I’m not sure what the Pokemon Company and Niantic are trying to say about the people of the continent, but the always slightly freaky-looking Mr. Mime is a European-continent exclusive.

Mr. Mime is a mixed Psychic and Fairy type and so can be found pretty much anywhere that these types are found naturally. Fairy types in particular are more or less all over the place, so if you’re in Europe (and yes, ha ha, that includes the UK) you should be able to track one down easily enough.


Where to find Farfetch’d in Pokemon Go


Farfetch’d was the first Pokemon that fans really started to notice was common in one region and seemingly utterly absent in others. The Pokemon was first spotted in South Korea, but when the game launched in Japan it became clear that it’s common across Asia in general.

Farfetch’d is another normal type but also part flying-type. If you’re in Asia, this makes parks and cities particularly likely places to find the creature – the same sort of place you’d find Fearow.

pokemon heracross

Where to find Heracross in Pokemon Go


Heracross is a Gen 2 pokemon that is described as belonging to the region of South America, but the dividing line used by the app to split the region of North and South America actually cuts across the bottom of Florida, so if you’re in Florida and are surrounded by Tauros, with not a Heracross in sight, that ‘s why.

That being the case, it’s entirely possible in some parts of Florida to be able to catch both pokemon in the wild.

pokemon corsola

Where to find Corsola in Pokemon Go


Corsola is another Gen 2 pokemon and it likes to play silly buggers.

Rather than being tied to a continent, like the rest of the pokemon on the list, Corsola can be found in a thick band encircling the globe, between 31N and 26S latitudes, as you can see from’s handy map below,

pokemon go corsola map

The same lucky ducks in Florida who are positioned to capture both a Tauros and Heracross, are also within Corsola’s domain.

So they can catch all three!

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