Sonic Forces E3 2017 trailer shows gameplay, boss fight, character creation, weird new villain

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 14 June 2017 00:08 GMT

There’s so much going on in this Sonic Forces E3 2017 trailer.

E3 2017 @ VG247

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Sonic Forces has produced an E3 2017 trailer thanks to Nintendo, a situation people over the age of 25 still find strangely uncomfortable.

There’s no new release date, unfortunately; Sonic Forces is still due “holiday 2017” for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

The trailer gives us another look at the Sonic Forces character creator, which we expect to be put to use outside of the game just as soon as modders get their eager little paws on it.

It also shows off some gameplay from side and over the shoulder perspectives, and what looks like a classic Sonic boss battle. Speaking of bosses, the end of the trailer shows a kind of rogue’s gallery of Sonic villains, along with an all new antagonist – presumably the big bad of Sonic Forces. $5 on us eventually making friends with him.

Just to remind you, Sonic Forces is one of two games in Sega’s latest attempt to get Sonic back to his glory days. The other is the retro remix affair Sonic Mania, which releases in August and is looking pretty snazzy.

So there’s plenty for Sonic fans to enjoy this year. Nice.

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