The Witcher 3: Act One – Novigrad

By Brenna Hillier, Saturday, 9 May 2015 04:51 GMT

The Witcher 3 leaves behind the monster-filled wilderness for the cramped but no less dangerous streets of Novigrad in the next segment of our walkthrough.

The Witcher 3: Act One – Novigrad

You will have to make a few trips to Oxenfurt and surrounds on this questline, as well as an excursion out to a country estate, but in the main you’ll be wandering the streets of Novigrad in this section. After running all over western Velen in the last questline, focusing on one city is kind of a relief.

Although the space itself may be smaller, there’s loads to see and do in this busy city, and plenty of baddies to fight despite fewer random encounters. The rewards are better, too; at the end of this questline you ought to have levelled up considerably thanks to generous XP rewards, which should position you perfectly to get out and tackle a number of sidequests that were out of reach when you finished the Velen quests.

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