Lord of the Fallen guide: Find Kaslo and Antanas in the Monastery Citadel

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Explore the cells and find Kaslo and Antanas in the Monastery Citadel as you continue through Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen 4

When you arrive at the graveyard, follow the left-hand wall until you come across a door close to the stairs and save your progress at the checkpoint. Note that the graveyard is now home to a Temple Guardian and a few Golems. Go down the steps on the right and open the door on the right with a Small Sealed Rune to find a chest containing My Axe Greataxe.

Leave the room, follow the stairs to the bottom and head down the corridor to the right. Enter the door on the left to find a Human Skull, an inactive portal and an Infected. Grab the skull, leave the room and follow the corridor to the left where a couple of Infected are lurking at the end. Once they’ve been dealt with, go left again into a room containing a Grip Dagger in a chest and some more Infected.

Exit the room, go straight on to the next corridor and through the door on the left after killing the Rogue. Be warned that there’s a giant spider hanging out near the ceiling, so find a giant newspaper, or failing that, your Gauntlet, and take it out. Crack open the chest to obtain Living Legend head, chest, and leg armour.

Leave the room, pop down the stairs on the left and head into the next room, where you’ll be met by an Infected and a Rogue guarding a Human Skull over on the right-hand side of the room. Cross to the junction on the other side of the room when your foes have been dealt with, and nip to the left to grab the Human Skull. Head up the staircases (clearing out any Infected you run into) and at the top you’ll find an audio note and a chest that holds Cold Blood wrist, chest, and leg armour. Note that you’ll need to use a Small Sealed Rune to open the chest.

Return to the junction and take the stairs to the left, picking up the Human Skull at the top. Go into the room opposite to find an audio note, a Forger and a weapon forge where you can dabble in a little crafting if need be. Leave the room (ignoring the wooden plank over a hole to the left for now), head down the stairs to the right, and be ready to attack the spiders here. Destroy the barrier on the right and follow the path around the corner where you’ll spot another path to the right.

Follow this pathway to the end to obtain a Human Skull, and activate the pressure plate in the middle of the room to open a door you’ll come across shortly. Retrace your steps to the main path, head right and through the door at the end where you’ll find a Bloodsick Shortsword in a chest. Now make your way back to the wooden plank and jump across. Note that if you try to walk across it, it will collapse under the strain of your immense weight.

Pick up the Human Skull and the audio note over to the right. The path to the left will end up taking you to the room that’s ahead of you, but along the way you’ll find a chest containing the Harmony armour set. There’s also a set of stairs to the right, before the entrance to the room in front of you, that lead to 2 exits in the room, both guarded by Rogues. Once they’ve been taken care of, follow the hallway at the top of the stairs, watching out for the Marauders. Grab the audio note down here and kill the Forger before saving at the checkpoint. Pop up the stairs on the left and into the room at the top where a Rogue and a chest containing a Cold Blood head piece, Attribute Point Shard, and a Living Legend wrist piece await.

Grab the goodies and head back downstairs. Pick up the Human Skull from the cell to the right of the checkpoint, then make your way to the left where you’ll find 2 more. Follow the cell block around the corner for another Human Skull but watch out for the Infested. Continue on this path for a few more Human Skulls, taking care of the Forger and Hell Hounds you’ll encounter along the way.

While you’re wandering around down here, a prisoner will try to grab your attention. Make sure all of the enemies in the area are dead before you release him and as the hapless sod gets a taste of freedom, kill him immediately. The levers open the cells containing Infected, a total of 4 audio notes, a Vanguard Blade Sword, Blocker Buckler Shield, and 4 Human Skulls.

The lever to open the prisoner’s cell is in the officer’s room, recognisable by the fact that it doesn’t look like a prison cell. Once you’ve murdered him, you’ll get a sweet 1500 XP and a Spell Point Shard.

Head back to the checkpoint now that the doors have all been opened, and take a look inside. Behind one of the doors is a hallway. Make your way down here, dispatching the Rogue on the way, and enter the first door on the left to find a Marauder and a forge. Craft what you need to then return to the cell block, towards the area where you fought the Forger.

You should see a path off to the side that you can follow into the catacombs to find a chest containing a Cell Key. Go over to the cell on the right and open it to release the Forger and the Infested and grab the audio note inside. The stairs to the right lead to the boss fight, but for now, take the stairs to the left.

Defeat the Temple Guardian in the hallway and the spider lurking behind the first door on the left. As usual it’s near the ceiling. There’s also a Golem in the room, as well as an audio note. A couple of Golems and a Rogue are waiting to ambush you in the room ahead and the forget about the door to the right for now, as it’s locked.

Avoid walking across the centre of the room as it will collapse beneath you. The chest on the left holds a Scab Staff but you’ll need to use a Small Sealed Rune to open it. Pop down the hallway across the room to find a Human Skull, then return to the cell block (where you fought the Forger) and take the right-hand staircase to the checkpoint at the bottom.

Head through the door on the other side of the room, dispose of the Temple Guardian, move to the next room to find a Human Skull, then exterminate the giant spider across the room. Finally, pick up the audio note and pull the lever over to the right to open the gate that leads to the boss fight.

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