Destiny class guide: Titan

By Brenna Hillier
5 September 2014 09:50 GMT

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Destiny has something for everyone, and if your thing is heavy armour, heavier damage and spectacular supers, the Titan is for you.


Destiny is carefully balanced so you can enjoy the game solo, but if you’re interested in co-op, strikes or raids you want to know as much as you can about what roles each class can play in a good fireteam.

The Titan is Destiny’s core combat-focused unit. In classic fantasy archetypes, the Titan is the warrior. In the “holy trinity” of MMOs, it’s the tank.

Playing a Titan is all about being the toughest guy on the battlefield. You can take more hits, get in closer and stay there longer than the other classes. This makes it an ideal class for those who like to use melee or short range weapons like shotguns, or for those who prefer to run and gun, doing splash or area of effect damage, rather than hang back in cover taking careful aim.

Titans have heavier armour than the other classes, and can dish out huge amounts of damage. Whether you build for survivability, damage or both is up to you.

Titan: Equipment

Titans are easy to spot on the battlefield because they’re top-heavy; armour is thickest on the head and torso. To balance this aesthetically, the Titan wears a piece of class armour on their lower body. According to the lore, this cloth is where they record their mighty deeds.

You start with the merest little flap of fabric but before long you’ll unlock long, flowing swathes printed with colourful designs.

Titan: Lift

The Titan’s mobility ability is called Lift, and of the three classes its movement is the most perpendicular. You’ll use this move to get high (hurh hurh), giving you ample opportunity to aim a grenade or super.

Lift makes it easy to get up onto out of reach platforms, but it’s not as speedy a movement as the Hunter’s – while still being quicker than the Warlock. Because it mostly shoots you straight up, it’s not as good at evading enemy fire as the other classes’ abilities.

The Lift upgrade tree is identical in both Titan subclasses:

  • Jump and then press X again while in the air to activate Lift.
  • Increased Height – Upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights.
  • Increased Control – Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air.
  • Catapult – Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum.

Titan: stat boost upgrade trees

Players can choose just one perk from each of the two stat boost upgrade trees. Although it’s tempting to treat the third perk in each tree as the most powerful, which you should choose depends on your subclass, play style, equipment and build. The two stat boost perks may not seem dramatic, but you can use them to plug a hole in your build, or combine them with other choice to min-max a gameplay loop.

Many Titans may find a speed boost makes up for the class’s inherent lack of agility, but battle recovery and toughness may be of more use to dedicated tanks. Remember, you can swap your perks at any time, unless locked in.

    Class Modifiers
  • Titan Codex I – Training focused on battle recovery and toughness.
  • Titan Codex II – Training focused on speed and toughness.
  • Titan Codex III – Training focused on battle recovery and speed.
    Attribute Modifiers
  • Titan Codex IV – Training focused on all attributes.
  • Titan Codex V – Training focused on maximum battle recovery.
  • Titan Codex VI – Training focused on raw speed.

Next: the Titan’s Striker subclass.

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