Watch Dogs multiplayer will “seamlessly” overlap single-player

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 10 May 2013 14:29 GMT

Watch Dogs previews are starting to land on various outlets, and below we’ve pulled a bit of interesting information from the feature up on the PS Blog.

While the game’s main focus is on hacking, which in Watch Dogs you can “hack almost anything,” apparently, stealth will also come into play. Donning the persona of hacker extraordinaire
Aiden Pierce, players will use “misdirection and surveillance,” to accomplish goals using remote cameras which show enemy positions. This will allow them to avoid confrontation.

While players will need to be careful when roaming the urban streets of Chicago so as not to be detected the aforementioned authorities or other enemies, when stealth won’t work, “no-holds-barred combat,” will be your other option. Players can also choose whether to make their attacks lethal or not – but watch out for civilian casualties because such accidents will hurt the player’s reputation.

When Aiden is hacks into the Central Operating System, he can not only use the security camera to see enemy positions – as mentioned above – but he can also use the system to open doors, mess with traffic lights, and cause some “dynamic and occasionally unpredictable events,” which may change how he escapes a situation rather quickly. Hacking into the system will also open up various side quests and use the city’s crime prediction data to go full-on vigilante and track down baddies before they can hurt their targets.

Aiden can also use free Wi-Fi hotspots in the city to hack devices granting access to a citizens’ computer, or even their webcam which would give you valuable information, or just give you a front row seat to the drama in their lives.

Multiplayer information is still rather murky, but it will take place on Chicago’s streets. The PS Blog was told that multiplayer and single-player will “seamlessly” overlap, and will extend to a more “companion experience” on mobile devices – again, details on this are scarce.

You can read up more on Watch Dogs through the link to the PS Blog, which also contains the screenshots which leaked out earlier.

Watch Dogs releases on PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360 in North America on November 19, and in Europe November 22.

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