Jaffe: Designing Twisted Metal PS3 is the “most fun” I’ve had

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 20 June 2010 18:14 GMT


David Jaffe has said that making Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 is probably the most fun he has ever had when designing a game.

Speaking in response to a user on NeoGaf, who thought that Jaffe didn’t want to be making the game due to his less than enthusiastic performance during the reveal.

However, Jaffe responded that was not the case at all – he was just, understandably, very tired.

“You could not be more wrong,” Jaffe replied. “This is probably the most fun I’ve had designing a game and I think it represents some of the best work we’ve ever done. I think this will be the best Twisted Metal ever, better than Tm2.

“If I came off as not excited it was because I was crazy hung over and tired during the presentation.

“I was up till 2am the night before in the hotel bar hanging with Sony marketing, the Eat Sleep Play team, and others. Also I was very upset because the demo had lots of tech glitches that may not have been evident in the video but for me they really pissed me off cause if we had had more time to rehearse the demo we could have worked around them.

“But we were all so fried in prepping for the actual on floor demo, the Sony presser, editing the gameplay video, the taxi driver intro movie –  that the one thing that didn’t get as much time was the behind closed door practices.

“So yeah, no: I am crazy in love with this game and love that that video- glitchy as it was- got out to the net as I think it does a good job of explaining how we are trying to expand the series in the team based play area”.

So there we have it, Jaffe loves his new Twisted Metal game.

Twisted Metal is due for release on PS3 in 2011.

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