The Lost and the Damned – seven multiplayer additions listed

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 13 February 2009 00:30 GMT


It seems CVG liked playing around with The Lost and the Damneds multiplayer an awful lot.

The site’s preview’s broken into seven online play additions. The favorite by far though was one titled Own the City, which pits two teams of four against one another as they strive to take over various territories.

“It’s all very similar to San Andreas own turf feature; once either team has eliminated an area’s AI gang members it’ll change to their colour, spawning your own tooled-up AI mates in the process. A frantic, city-sprawling turf war ensues with team members gearing up to assault enemy turf, while scrambling back to their own to defend opposing attacks.”

Read the rest of the preview here.

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