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11 RIFT servers marked for upcoming trials

Trion Worlds would like to reassure you that your RIFT server is not about to close down. At present, 11 of the game's servers have been labelled as "Trial" - but Trion promise there's a perfectly valid reason.

Simply put, the earmarked servers are ones with a lower population that are now being put to one side, destined for large-scale trial programs. If you play on one, you're welcome to stay, but things might get a little weird.

Instead, all players are encouraged to hop over to another server before January 18th, and given a free transfer if they choose to take that option. New character creation for subscribers is also disabled, meaning the population is set to start dwindling, and fast.

Later, the servers will be used again as part of a larger trial period, specifically for the non-subscriber playerbase.

If you haven't logged in for a while, the following servers are affected: Belmont, Galena, Atrophinius, Crucia, Alsbeth, Estrael, Shadefallen, Sunrest, Freeholme, Dayblind and Faemyst. If you've got a toon on any of those, you might like to take them elsewhere. Rift Junkies has the low-down.

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