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1001 Spikes is a "cruel" and challenging platformer from Nicalis hitting Vita this year

Nicalis has announced 1001 Spikes and its coming to Vita this year. The team used Spelunker and Challenger as inspirations, but don't let the retro 8-bit art style fool you: this will be an "incredibly difficult platformer with very precise controls requiring pixel-perfect inputs," according to the developer.

"On the surface, the short levels seem minimalistic, but at the core, they’re loaded with strategically placed obstacles hidden to the naked eye," reads the entry on the PS Blog. Literally every detail of the game was meticulously planned and thought out, tested, tuned and retested.

"Broken down to its most basic design, the goal in 1001 Spikes is to find the key to open the door to the next level. Each level will present a different challenge both in the procurement of the key and then making it to the door alive. Although some levels look impossible at first, the determined gamer will prevail."

In the game, you play as Aban Hawkins who packs around an unlimited amount of throwing daggers to fight off enemies. In 1001 Spikes you throw daggers, short jump, and high jump - but there will be disadvantages to both jumps.

"In fact, there are areas where you’ll have to use one jump versus the other to advance," the blog states.

The game will conatin six worlds with multiple levels leading to more than one finale, and it includes unlockable guest characters and authentic 8-bit style cutscenes. There will also be three multiplayer modes in both co-op and versus.

"We know our game is cruel, and know that the players of today are up for the challenge," said Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez. "With many games purposefully made to be easy and accessible, 1001 Spikes was an opportunity to make a game that is anything but that, yet still make it fun and meaningful.

Gamers have to be comfortable with the idea of dying… a lot."

1001 Spikes releases later this year.

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