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Nintendo has shipped 10.5 million amiibo, promises to increase production

Nintendo's latest financial report may not have touched upon amiibo sale, but company president Satoru Iwata shed more light on the interactive toy line during a presentation to investors.


According to Iwata, Nintendo shipped approximately 10.5 million amiibo units worldwide and despite the large figure, stock shortages on some figurines led to the company to increase production.

"Our consumers have been inconvenienced by stock shortages on some of the figures in our amiibo lineup," he told investors. "We have increased production for amiibo figures that have sold out very quickly after launch, that are indispensable to play a certain game and for which we have received strong demand from retailers and consumers.

"However, we are very sorry that we can’t promise at what point we will likely be able to resolve the current situation because figures such as these require a considerable amount of time to produce, store shelf space is limited and it is difficult to precisely predict the exact amount of overall demand."

A pie graph showing region shipments of amiibo showed the US and Canada with a 66% market share in sales compared to 20% in Europe, 11% in Japan and 3% in Australia.

Nintendo expects the previously announced NFC Reader/Writer, which enables original 3DS owners to use amiibo figures will provide further growth in amiibo sales.


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