Confirmed: The Last Guardian and ICO HD remixes all slip

Sadly, the news can’t all be about Portal 2 releasing early and Bethesda’s Skyrim. No, some days the news is bad.

Remakes headlines

  • MDK2 landing May 9 on WiiWare

    After keeping a relatively low profile, IdeaSpark Labs port of the Bioware-developed madcap third-person shooter will hit the US WiiWare store in a couple of weeks.

  • Star Fox 64 3DS landing July 14

    After Ocarina of Time 3DS was given a firm release date yesterday, it’s now been announced that the 3D remake of Star Fox 64 will follow barely a month later. A veritable summer of fun, to be sure.

  • Microsoft: HD remakes not a priority unless they can "provide real value to the customer"

    Sad to say, time has not been kind to many old-school original Xbox titles. Once on the very bleeding edge of graphical fidelity, they’re now more likely to make your eyes bleed than anything else. But hey, that’s what HD remakes are for, right? Wrong, says Microsoft.