PocketStation PS Vita app now free for all in Japan

Sony’s PSone companion device, the PocketStation lives on in a free PS Vita app. It’s now free for all in Japan as of today.


Psone headlines

  • GungHo - six PSOne import classics hitting PSN this spring

    GungHo Online Entertainment America will be releasing six Japanese PSOne import classics this spring, starting with three titles which hit today: Evergreen Avenue, Favorite Dear -Jyunpaku no Yogensha, and Zero Kara no Mahjong -Mahjong Youchien Tamago-gumi. On May 7, board/card games Motto Trump Shiyouyo, Zero Kara no Shogi -Shogi Youchien Ayumi-gumi, and Zero Kara no […]

  • Sony releases short retrospective video starring original PlayStation

    Sony has released a short retrospective video which provides a look at the original PlayStation. It chronicles the console’s launch as well as that of the DualShock Controller. We’re going to assume two more of these will be released for PS2 and PS3, respectively. Seems obvious now what next week is all about doesn’t it? […]

  • Spyro the Dragon 1-3 releasing on PSN in Europe next week

    Spyro the Dragon will be release on PSN in Europe next week, according to the PS Blog. The original PSone game’s sequel and third installment will also be released on the same day. Sony noted in the pist that the games are “emulated versions” of the original titles and “some functionality may vary from the […]

  • PS Vita owners reporting problems with PSone Classic transfers

    PS Vita firmware update 1.8 makes it possible to play PSone classics on Sony’s handheld, but many gamers have spoken out regarding an issue with the content. It seems as if PSone games can’t simply be downloaded to your PS Vita and played directly. There is a solution however.

  • Rumour: Sony to make PS3 backwards compatible with Gaikai deal

    GI’s rumouring that Sony is to being PSone and PS2 games to PS3 via a streaming deal with Gaikai, supporting recent talk.

  • Ubisoft celebrates 25th Anniversary with PSN game sale

    Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th anniversary by discounting 25 of its titles on PSN. The sale starts tomorrow, November 30, and runs until December 7. Hit the break for the full list.

  • Developers provide opinion on the most influential games for PlayStation

    The latest issue of Play has asked game developers from around the world to list, in their opinion, the most influential games released on a PlayStation system.

  • PlayStation turns 15 in Europe

    Many happy returns to PlayStation, which turns 15 today in Europe.

  • SCEA celebrates PlayStation's 15th anniversary with discounts and Home items

    SCEA’s celebrating the 15 year anniversary of PlayStation in North America today.

  • PSone is 15 years old today

    PSone celebrates its fifteenth birthday today, as detailed by this splendid SCEJ page. The machine launches on December 3, 1994 in Japan, and went on to sell over 125 million units. It took almost a year to get out of Japan, launching in the US on September 9, 2005 and Europe on September 29 in […]

  • ESRB lists ratings for some PSOne classics destined for PSN

    The lovely ESRB has rated some classic PSOne games that are destined to hit PSN sometime or another. Just look at that list. Full of win it is. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Bloody Roar Cool Boarders 2 Cool Boarders 3 International Track & Field Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Pandemonium! SimCity 2000 Syphon […]

  • Capcom to release more PSone titles via PSN soon

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson said today that the company plans to release more of its PSone titles on PSN in the near future. According to a question asked over on Unity regarding Resident Evil games coming to PSN, Svensson replied: “The first PS1 titles for PSN were submitted last week. When I have some dates for […]

  • Rollcage, Omega Boost and Devil Dice for PSN?

    Here. French ratings company PEGI has listed PSone titles Rollcage, Omega Boost and Devil Dice as 3+ and having a “plate-forme” of PlayStation Network. Rollcage is proper wicked, so this is good stuff. Hopefully get official confirmation on this in the next few days.