Chris Avellone is working on Prey

Chris Avellone, the game designer famous for his work on Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment, is working on Prey.

Prey headlines

  • There's a lot of talk about a Prey 2 revival at E3 2016

    2016 may be the year that sees the return of Prey 2.

  • Human Head "proud" of its work on cancelled Prey 2

    Human Head Studios has spoken out for the first time about the cancellation of Prey 2, the game it was working on for Bethesda.

  • Prey 2 officially cancelled

    Bethesda has finally confirmed that it is no longer working on Prey 2.

  • Prey trademarks extended

    Bethesda parent company Zenimax has filed three trademark extension applications related to Prey, according to Gamespot. Just as a reminder, trademark extensions are due when they’re due, so this doesn’t actually mean we’ll find out anything about the long-silent Prey 2 soon – although Bethesda has promised to make some more noise about upcoming releases […]

  • Prey 2 countdown site appears, will unlock in 27 days - rumor

    A countdown site going by the name of “Alien Noire” has popped up online, and NeoGAF users have dissected the source code, which seems to point towards a Prey 2 reveal in 27 days.

  • Rumor: Bethesda to announce Prey 2 canning next week

    Take this for what it is at the moment (a massive rumor) but Bethesda will apparently announce Prey 2’s cancellation next week.

  • Tommy to play an important role in Prey 2

    Those worried about whether Tommy will have a presence in Prey 2 or not due to the game having a new playable character, should stop fretting: Human Head has said he has a role to play in the sequel.

  • Prey 2 slated to grace cover of next Joystick magazine

    French gaming magazine Joystick has the sequel to Prey on its next cover. Yes, that would be Prey 2.

  • Bethesda no-comments Prey acquisition

    Bethesda’s issued a fat “no comment” on news this morning that its grabbed the Prey IP from Apogee. The 3D Realms shooter now appears to be in the publisher’s hands, as you can see from this USPTO filing. Zenimax has also filed a new trademark on the property. New game? By id? Yes please, great […]

  • Prey rights shift to Zenimax, new trademark filed

    Apogee’s Prey now appears to be in the trusty hands of Zenimax, as you can see from this USPTO filing. Native American FPS still has a home, clearly. Zenimax has also filed a new trademark on the property. We’ll check now. Thanks, superannuation.

  • Venom Games to close

    According to CVG, the Newcastle-based development team founded in 2003, Venom Games, is about to close. The firm is owned by 2K Games, and has made Rocky: Legends on Xbox and PS2 and the Xbox 360 version of Prey. More recently, Venom coded Don King’s Prizefighter. No precise reason for the closure has been disclosed. […]