This is what the Destiny companion app does

Thursday, 19th June 2014 08:53 GMT By Dave Cook

Destiny developer Bungie is bolstering the shooter’s experience with an official companion app, but what does it do? Luckily, one gamer has captured its UI and interface in a new screen gallery for all to see.

Just yesterday some fresh Destiny PS4 footage leaked online and was promptly pulled. However, we’ve managed to write up the whole thing in case you missed it. There was a lot of new content in there.

Now, Vrumpt has posted a screen gallery showing the Destiny companion app’s many menus and stat-tracking tables. It will sync up to record your K/D ratio, mission progress, weapon stats and more, including a lore book as you discover places and new things in the world.

Here’s the Android gallery in full:

What do you think? The app was available to PS4 alpha testers last week, but we’ll update you once we have details of its general release.

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  1. Revolting

    So basically just a mobile version of everything that was on the alpha profile/stats site. Which is not a bad thing, this is exactly the information I want at my fingertips while playing. Good show, bungie. I’m pleased that accompanion apps have gone from being a stupid gimmicky extra source of revenue to an actually useful, convenient tool. None have done it better than the AC4 companion yet, in my opinion, but the more common they become (as a useful tool, not just as a gimmick), the better.

    Obviously there’s a fine balance to be struck, though; you never want them becoming so useful that they become indispensable, which in turn would leave anyone not using them at a disadvantage. That’s not ideal. It’s a difficult one to get right, but I’m glad they’re trying. And it shouldn’t be an issue with Destiny, with all the information available in the app also accessible on the web.

    #1 6 months ago

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