Capcom to showcase “major game” for PS4 at E3 2014 – rumour

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014 04:29 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Resident Evil publisher Capcom has something major to show at E3 2014, according to rumours out of Japan.


According to Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbum, as translated on NeoGAF, Capcomis bringing “a major game of some sort for the PS4″ at E3 2014 in June.

While this might be expected to be a localisation of Deep Down, Capcom’s Japan-only free-to-play PS4 exclusive, the paper hints that it might be Resident Evil 7.

The theory comes in contrast to an earlier rumour that the next Resident Evil game would be an Xbox One exclusive, following on from the success of Dead Rising 3.

Capcom has said that the next Resident Evil game will return to the franchise’s roots; although Resident Evil 6 sold 5.6 million units, it didn’t meet Capcom’s own expectations, and the publisher was unhappy with its critical reception.

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  1. SlayerGT

    Dragon’s Dogma 2! God I wish. On Panta Rhie. Oh how that would please me.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. jmg24bad

    Dragons dogma 2, mega man legends 3, street fighter 5 , resident evil 7, or deep down. Take your pick!

    #2 8 months ago
  3. Rosseu

    I’d pick a DD2 over any RE crap any day

    #3 8 months ago
  4. Panthro

    They also said it would return to its roots for Resident Evil 6 to, its all just bullshit.

    They have lost there touch with Resident Evil and it has all gotten misguided with two very different fanbases that they will seek the approval of both… Again. For moneys sake and for the sake of trying not to upset one or the either.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. loveaya

    Clock Tower 4, please

    #5 8 months ago
  6. Homer2014

    Dead Rising 3 a success? I highly doubt it

    #6 8 months ago
  7. Homer2014

    I hope for a new Dino Crisis, or RE7

    #7 8 months ago
  8. The_Red

    F*** YES.
    I’d buy PS4 just for that game alone. It was one of the last Capcom games that I truly loved. It wasn’t a perfect game but what was there was definitely awesome.

    #8 8 months ago
  9. azmza

    “rumour that the next Resident Evil game would be an Xbox One exclusive” -_- , u kidding right?.

    #9 8 months ago
  10. OmegaSlayer

    Devil May Cry or bust

    #10 8 months ago
  11. Mike W

    My money is on Deep Down and if Capcom is smart they would localize that title.

    Hey I think they should completely revamp the resident evil series. Kill off everybody and start from scratch.

    #11 8 months ago
  12. Mike W

    But keep in mind guys this E3 after all. And please remember the last 3 E3s were horrible.

    Around this time every year the ‘rumors’ are way more intriguing than the actual fucking show. So don’t get your hopes up to high, because E3 once again “might” disappoint you.

    But hey I can be wrong :).

    Here are my predictions and hopes for this year E3.

    -MS will debut both Halo and Gears gameplay trailer (prediction)
    -MS will showcase how DirectX12 will be implemented on the XBO (hopefully)
    -MS will showcase the second season for Killer Instinct (hopefully)
    -MS will showcase a brand new IP (hopefully)

    -Sony will debut both an Uncharted and God of War gameplay trailer (prediction)
    -Sony will showcase PlayNow (prediction)
    -Sony will showcase a brand new Jak and Daxter for PS4 (hopefully)
    -Sony will showcase a brand new IP (hopefully)

    -Nintendo (sigh) will hopefully not dig the Wii U’s grave even deeper than it already is.

    -Hopefully (and I do mean hopefully) they will show a brand new Metroid game and the new Zelda game that will be released this year.

    #12 8 months ago
  13. Yogosan


    #13 8 months ago
  14. G-Sama

    @Yogosan heh , i was just about to comment that :D , i’m almost certain it’s an Onimusha game , think about it …. past onimushas were always a Playstation Exclusive , this could be a killer app right here :D !

    #14 8 months ago
  15. ManuOtaku

    i hope it is a viewtiful joe game, although i will be happy with a onimusha or dragon dogma as well.

    #15 8 months ago
  16. Yogosan

    If Samonosuke were a real person, he’d be marching down to capcom right now, sword in one hand, strongly worded letter in the other, demanding another Onimusha game.

    The guy who played Samonosuke is actually identical in real life. Takeshi Kaneshiro is his name. So if they ever go ahead with an Onimusha movie, it would also be epic.

    I miss the Onimusha swordplay mechanics alot. I still have not played a game that trumped them. So while I liked Dark Souls, Dragon Age and AC2, I’m always left thinking, “Well that was good, but would be so much better with Onimushas swordplay mechanics”. Even games like Batman could learn something from the evasive maneuvers and blocking found in Onimusha. It was exquisite and really required skill, concentration and tactics. in terms of weapon choice, unlike Batman which is mostly button mashing (I liked Batman too, btw).

    #16 8 months ago
  17. salarta

    Any major, numbered entry in the Resident Evil franchise will not be exclusive to one platform or another. Even if we claim Dead Rising 3 is an example of why franchises should remain exclusive, which it really can’t be because there’s no multiplat “control” in this situation, it’s simple business sense to not arbitrarily limit the potential audience and it goes against Capcom’s behavior since day one of Resident Evil. They made a crappy mock-up of Resident Evil 2 for Gamecom for fuck sake, and they just recently re-released RE4 onto Steam, a game that previously released on PS2, Gamecube, Wii, 360 and PS3.

    Exclusivity of a main numbered entry just isn’t happening. At best, you’ll get something like Umbrella Chronicles, a largely frivolous side-game, as an exclusive.

    That said, I don’t expect that RE7 will actually mark an attempt at a return to the franchise’s horror roots. Capcom has demonstrated repeatedly that they think consumers are idiots. They probably think that by saying “we’ll go back to RE’s survival horror roots,” everyone will stupidly see survival horror where it doesn’t exist. The saddest part of all is that I’m absolutely certain the survival horror genre is going to make a huge comeback this generation, and if Capcom doesn’t get with the program ahead of the curve, they’re going to suffer for it. They have the chance to look like they care and appeal to fans before the trend hits big, but if they wait until after the trend begins, they’ll just look like money-hungry CEOs that have no idea what they’re doing except for chasing after any dollars they can make.

    Also, I’m going to take this chance to plug that RE7 needs to star Jill and/or Claire as one of the main protagonists. Only way I’ll buy it. Ideally, it won’t have any of RE6′s characters except for MAYBE Sherry, only to allow her to meet the franchise’s two most important women (again, in Claire’s case).

    #17 8 months ago

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