The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile release dates announced

Wednesday, 2nd April 2014 20:57 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile will be released on Mac and PC next week on Tuesday, April 8. PlayStation 3 users in North America can download it the following day on April 9. Next week, it will also release in Europe on PS3, as well as Xbox 360 and iOS. Exact release dates for those systems were not provided as of press time. The latest trailer for the game can be found here, but beware of spoilers.



  1. mattsas

    Finally, the 3rd episode’s here. Everybody keeps bragging about how good Telltale’s Walking Dead is and even though they are 100% right, Wolf Among Us defy deserves the recognition it doesn’t have at the moment. It’s probably the most underrated game of the past couple of months, especially given the struggle Telltale’s been though while making the game work.

    I don’t want to sound like a bloody PR person, but if you’re a fan of TWD, you’re gonna love this one as well.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I think a lot of the negative stigma is that the comics are written by a right-wing extremist who lets a lot of his world view pour over into Bigby in the comics. Basically, Bigby is his power fantasy. I feel bad for the big bad.

    He deserves better. The interesting thing is that in The Wolf Among Us, he actually gets better. I’ve seen critics say that the comics aren’t worth wiping your bum with, but the Telltale games are actually incredibly well written by comparison. It’s true, too. I think that without Bigby being a power fantasy, he’s finally able to be the ‘cop on the edge’ that he was always meant to be.

    I’ve been quite looking forward to seeing him wolf out, too, as I didn’t expect that that would be something they’d include. It’s undeniably true that the herdmonkeys of the mainstream tend to be obsessively-compulsively precious about their human characters staying just that, so I was prepared for never seeing the wolfier side of Bigby because of that. Gotta appeal to the herd.

    Of course, the problem with your everyday herdie, your average herdie, the kind of herdie you see every day, is that they feel safe by wrapping themselves in the familiar. They’re emotional and intellectual cowards. So they mob together and express their hatred for novelty. “Be like us, be like the herd, the herd is safe.

    And, mostly, the industry tends to give into them. I mean, when most of your customers are essentially the Borg, you’re going to make the most homogenised content possible.

    I don’t know what The Wolf Among Us is, but it isn’t homogeneous. I don’t know whether it’s because Telltale has managed to remain both privately owned or that they’re still relatively small. Either or, I value it. The only criticism I’ve recently had of them is that they’ve been chasing the money and The Wolf Among Us episode 2 clearly suffered from that. I mean, The Walking Dead is clearly for the herd. It’s all about sociopathy and the survival instinct, humans being shitty to humans, it’s only a step away from reality television. So that stuff sells like hotcakes, the herd digs it.

    So long as The Wolf Among Us episode 3 is good and continues being good, though, I can forgive them that one lapse. I just hope that they’re not hitting it so big that they’re going to become providers to the herd, forgetting about their original demographic, who were decidedly not the herd. Especially in their earliest days, when they were making Bone and Sam & Max, and no one really knew of them. I don’t want to see that happen to them, it would be like watching it happen to Double Fine.

    (Man, if there’s a developer that’s almost exclusively appealed to creatives and continues to, it’s Double Fine. Even from the get-go with Psychonauts.)

    But yeah, Telltale managed to create something quite refreshing with The Wolf Among Us. I like how brave, bold, and unbridled it is. How raw it is. I was expecting it to be much, much more tame than it turned out to be. All I was expecting was something similar to the comics, but was I ever mistaken. And I guess it’s nice seeing a Bigby that isn’t meant to be a wingnut’s power fantasy. I like this Bigby, I can even choose to be nice to people as him and only duke it out when it’s absolutely necessary.

    It’s an interesting experience.

    I guess, ultimately, it’s probably the first piece of intelligent werewolf material I’ve seen in… I honestly don’t know how long. I’m also fond of how they brought out the wolf in Bigby, too. He’s an introvert, he likes spending time in his own head, and he has a small pack of people (notably Colin and Snow) whom he looks out for as their protector. He also seems genuinely invested in saving people from the other predators out there. He’s about as much of a monster as the Doctor, and yes, I know what that implies.

    I like it.

    The Walking Dead was interesting on a technical level, and I did give it a fair go, but I ended up finding exactly what I expected to: A treatise on how incredibly shit herd nature is, and what they’ll do to each other when times are tough, because they weren’t self aware enough in the first place to realise they had and have survival instincts. Usually, the herd eats that stuff up, because it”s how they’d break down in that situation.

    Honestly, if you had a bunch of creatives around, they’d come up with all sorts of clever solutions to problems. The only creative in The Walking Dead though was Doug, and people chose to kill him off almost right away. I kept him around for the only other episode of The Walking Dead I played (the second), and he created an early warning alarm system to warn us about the undead. Everyone was amazed it worked, but I mean, of course it worked. He was a creatively minded engineer, there’s no way it wouldn’t, and he genuinely had the safety of everyone in mind.

    The only character I actually liked aside from Doug was Clem. Everyone else was just bad arse, or breaking down, or just generally getting involved in drama. Even Lee, and I really very much wanted to like Lee. I didn’t like how they handled Lee at all. But what can you do?

    I really like Snow and Bigby, though. They’re both genuinely invested in looking out for people who can’t look out for themselves, they’re caught up in the system and it’s a massive mess, but they’re both still trying. That’s what I like about them, despite all the shit they’re getting, they’re not giving up.

    And because they’re not giving up, I’m hooked on seeing where the story goes.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. f1r3storm

    “PlayStation 3 users in North America can download it the following day on April 9. Next week, it will also release in Europe on PS3, as well as Xbox 360 and iOS. Exact release dates for those systems were not provided as of press time. ”

    You should probably read that tweet again.

    #3 9 months ago

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