PS4 games available for pre-order on PlayStation Store now

Wednesday, 16th October 2013 10:31 GMT By Dave Cook

PlayStation 4 titles Warframe and Knack are available to pre-order on PlayStation Store now, ahead of the console’s launch.

Both games are launch titles, dropping in North America on November 15, and across Europe and other territories November 29. Sony confirmed the PlayStation Store pre-orders on Twitter today:

You can order both games on the PS3 and Sony Entertainment Network stores now. Will you be getting either of them?

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  1. Hcw87

    Any idea on price? Considering PS4 games have a suggested retail price 5-10 euro more than XB1 games.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. VibraniumSpork

    You can pre-order Warframe? How’s that work, thought it was F2P? Some kinda content pack maybe.

    As for Knack… well, I’m open to picking it up at some point if the reviews are good, and I think making an all-ages game for launch day’s a great idea. Still, it has the whiff of a game I’d play for about half an hour before regretting the £60 launch day purchase though.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. Dave Cook

    @2 Possibly, or maybe just a pre-load? I’ll investigate further.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. jomac3db

    I thought warframe was free for ps plus members

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Dave Cook

    @4 it is, but for some reason Sony has mentioned it in its pre-orders. It could be for DLC, micropayments.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. FabioPal

    @1 60$!/en-us/games/knack/cid=UP9000-CUSA00068_00-KNACK00000000000?smcid=psblog:PS4-preorders::ps-blog-2013-10-15-playstation-store-update-307

    #6 1 year ago
  7. KineticCalvaria

    I would say the preorder for Warframe is for the DLC packs which contain credits and mods like the ones on Steam, or at least it will be, at the moment it’s just the free version…

    #7 1 year ago
  8. jomac3db

    Or f2p could mean there is a monthly fee

    #8 1 year ago
  9. Joe Musashi

    Unless its in a sale, digital store prices are always terrible value.

    Frequent sales are good, but until the big three sort out their standard digital store pricing people are going to want to shop around.


    #9 1 year ago
  10. DrDamn

    It’s just MS published games which are cheaper – third party prices are the same across the two systems.

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Panthro

    @8 all f2p games require no subscription to play, you dont even need ps+

    Its probably you can pay for a starter pack, meaning you get a bunch of in game credits, outfits etc.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Hcw87

    Some F2P games may require a sub.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. Ilovesony

    I just downloaded Warframe… it is free to PS Plus members….

    #13 1 year ago

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