Metal Gear Solid 5: Quiet’s design not gratuitous, will make sense in time – says Kojima, designer

Friday, 6th September 2013 12:34 GMT By Staff

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain designer Jordan Amaro has spoken with VG247 to shed some light on today’s controversy surrounding the game’s character Quiet – specifically – her outfit and comments from Kojima on Twitter. Meanwhile, the man himself has commented on the matter as well.

Speaking during a Q&A session attended by Polygon featuring Hideo Kojima, designer Yoji Shinkawa and Quiet model Stefanie Joosten, noted why the character’s appearance is the way it is: basically a bikini with torn stockings.

“Maybe the phrase ‘erotic’ wasn’t really [the correct word for] what I was trying to say,” Kojima said. “What I’m really trying to do is create unique characters. One of those is, of course, Quiet. She’s a really unique character, I wanted to add that sexiness to her. It wasn’t really supposed to be erotic, but sexy.”

“From my perspective, it’s not just the characters, but often I look at a weapon or a vehicle and think ‘That’s really sexy,’” Shinkawa added. “It’s not just the characters, but the mechs and weapons [as well.]”

“You’re going to notice [when you play,] but there’s limited dialogue with the [Metal Gear Solid 5], and for that reason we really want to show the characteristic from each character,” Kojima added. “Sexy could be for guys, weapons, vehicles, it’s really that characteristic.”

Joosten added that while she was “surprised to see Quiet’s outfit at first,” it fits in the Metal Gear universe and while she said she was not allowed to say a lot about it,” said Joosten. “Mr. Kojima has his reasons for deciding why Quiet [is] wearing what she’s wearing. Players will just have to look forward to that.”

Speaking with VG247 today, Phantom Pain designer Jordan Amaro said the nature of Quiet’s outfit “Will make sense in time. It’s not gratuitous. Trust the guy,” meaning Kojima.

Earlier, Kojima tweeted that he sought to make Quiet’s outfit more sexy, much to the ire of Halo 4 designer David Ellis.

Amaro tweeted Ellis on the matter earlier today:

What do you make of the above?

A video showing Joosten’s Fox Engine scan and motion capture is below.



  1. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    Can’t wait ’till next week when everyone will have forgotten about this and there’ll be some new “controversy” for everyone to bitch and whine about.

    Ah, Games Journalism and the industry it surrounds. It truly is a magnificent spectacle.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 What? How is this anything to do with the state of games journalism? Look at the amount of people talking about this today and you’ll see it’s worth discussing, particularly when the issue of gender representation in games today is such a poignant topic in most quarters these days.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. Joe Musashi

    This will only ever be resolved once an in-depth analysis of the breast physics employed by the game is completed.

    After spending hours and hours watching Snake’s backside shimmy around, it’ll make a welcome contrast.


    #3 1 year ago
  4. deathm00n

    I wonder if this is one of the taboos he said almost made him stop from developing the game. I will wait for the game to come out and see if it will realy make sense.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. ShiiRo

    Dave, is gender representation in gaming any different than gender representation in movies, TV or music? The recent MTV Music Awards was filled with nothing but women doing performances in bikinis, wearing low cut tops so their breasts would jiggle and “twerking” on the crotch of a married man. The gaming industry is really no different.

    The only real difference is that those industries aren’t trying to prove that they’re “mature” like the gaming industry. Yes, this gaming industry that’s far more concerned about sex and sexuality than mass murder and brutal violence. I get the feeling that if Kojima had said that MGSV would be more violent than past MGS games to help it sell, no one would be writing articles or would be making angry tweets about that.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @2 Oh Dave, you devilishly handsome rogue. Niave, but still devilishly handsome.

    The flavor of this weeks controversy is, yet again, “gender representation in games”. A fine wine that goes sour mere minutes after being opened. The thing about this is that its an ancient debate, one that WILL outlast the very internet as we know it. Video games, like movies, books, music and Bazooka Joe comics before them, are bad at equality. Be it gender, race, creed, age etc. And that wont change. It wont. Ever.
    People will still make “sexist” or “chauvinistic” characters and other will be “offended” about them. People will still whine about how things that didn’t sit right with them will leave a “bad taste in their mouth”. And they should whine, it expresses their opinion, which as human beings they are entitled to.
    Now where the “Garmes Jarnalizts” come in is that they add fuel to the fire. They tease the raging beast that is “Gaming Conversation”. I wont name any names *cough* IGN *cough* but a gaming journalism site will release an article based around a certain topic that is ever so subtly sprinkled with emotional bias which, in turn, rekindles the argument about whatever the “taboo topic” was. And then we all- consumers, journalists, developers. We all roll our eyes and say to ourselves “Here we go again”.

    Then the Sienfield credits music plays.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. GregSolidus

    Snip Snap.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. Dave Cook

    @6 Right…

    Well, I think you’ve straw manned the living fuck out of this conversation.

    So, I’m out.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. absolutezero

    So they are saying that there is some hilarious bullshit explanation like her family was killed by trousers in war torn Bosnia and shes swore to never again let trousers near her least she hear their ravenous cries of death.

    The Trousers of the Wild they called them.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @8 It’s what I do best Dave old buddy.

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Dave Cook

    @9 My guess is that during her interrogation scene they strip her and she escapes sans clothing. Watch the trailer again.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. KAP


    You say things never change…. you sure about that?

    When things like the topics you mentioned don’t change as fast as our tastes in today’s world doesn’t mean we should just grin and bare it.

    I 100% agree with you though gaming journalism today isn’t as thoughtful as it should be when the very same people applaud violence in games as a whole then same breathe turn there noses up at sexism is laughable but thats just my thoughts.

    ROLL ON SEPT 17TH!!!

    #12 1 year ago
  13. Dave Cook

    @10 That’s not a good thing.

    #13 1 year ago
  14. absolutezero

    Makes sense. I guess some women still like wearing FISHNET TIGHTS WITH COMBAT WEBBING underneath their fatigues.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @13 Perhaps to some.

    #15 1 year ago
  16. Mus42

    @12 Things are always changing but who gets to decide how they should change and in what direction?

    #16 1 year ago
  17. Ireland Michael

    “Trust the guy”

    Why would I trust a game who has constantly written his female characters in sexist, demeaning ways and flat out stated that their designs exist solely as their are for the sake of fan service?

    I wouldn’t mind if it was a decent design, but its not. It’s a bikini with a utility belt and ripped tights.

    @11 And casually decides to wear that exact outfit for the rest of the game? Please Dave, you’re smarter than that. Kojima already straight up said why her design is the way it is. Fan service.

    #17 1 year ago
  18. Dave Cook

    @13 Look up the definition of straw man. It’s a negative term.

    #18 1 year ago
  19. GregSolidus

    You’re coming here too Ireland?

    #19 1 year ago
  20. Joe Musashi

    @14 I bet some men do that too. Don’t ask, don’t tell. ;)



    #20 1 year ago
  21. Dave Cook

    @14 It’s fashion we don’t understand, clearly ;)

    #21 1 year ago
  22. absolutezero

    Hey now it really has been just since MGS 4 and Peace Walker that the designs and backgrounds have gone to shit.

    #22 1 year ago
  23. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @18 All right Sock-Rates, we’re getting pretty philosophical in here right now.
    Asking questions like “What is negative” and “If truth is beauty, then why am I asleep on a park bench surrounded by empty bottles of spirit?”.
    In the end, it’s all subjective. And relative. And Quantum.

    Would you look at that, I just summarized the ending of Bioshock Infinite!

    #23 1 year ago
  24. Mus42

    @23, you need a spoiler alert for that post! ;)

    #24 1 year ago
  25. KAP

    If I decide to make a comic character or game character that looks like Quite, who the fuck are commentors on a gaming site to say otherwise.

    No one bats an eyelid when women cosplayers WANT to dress in there favourite characters from the favourite games.

    If you don’t like it, keep your purse strings closed.

    #25 1 year ago
  26. Clupula

    @11 – Makes perfect sense, really.

    @17 – Yeah, because everyone carries an extra outfit with them everywhere they go.

    #26 1 year ago
  27. monkeygourmet

    This entry into the franchise looks to be the only one I’ll enjoy. I have tried and failed to enjoy most of the other games in the series so far.

    The openworld style gameplay looks fantastic, as do the graphics, control looks equally improved.

    I really don’t see anyone complaining about this charecter design. The universe is one of the most ludicrous ever created and is known for this ridiculous fan service.

    If you don’t like that, don’t buy the game, boycott it. But to preach on and on about this is just stupid.

    Suddenly people want a game containing ‘mooing’ bipedal robots to be more realistic… Stop sucking the fun out of everything you boring bastards…! :(

    #27 1 year ago
  28. Clupula

    @17 – Why didn’t she just pop into the local clothing shop in the middle of the desert and buy new clothes?

    #28 1 year ago
  29. Ireland Michael

    @26 She they just let her walk around half naked and exposed for the likely numbe of the weeks the story is set over?

    They have their own army and base. They’re going to have changing rooms. Even the older Metal Gear Solid games acknowledged that.

    It doesn’t change the fact that Kojima outright stated the design exists purely as fanservice. Because lord forbid you create a female character that doesn’t exist for the personal benefit of men for once.

    #29 1 year ago
  30. GregSolidus

    They stripped her down to a bikini? Admittedly, even as a fan of the series I think see needs a shirt.

    #30 1 year ago
  31. ShiiRo

    KAP, what’s interesting about cosplayers is the the most well known one right now is Jessica Nigri, and she’s someone that takes male designs and sexes them up. For example, here’s her cosplay for Drake

    I wonder where are all the male journalists or game designers to tell her she’s disgusting and is only contributing to holding back the industry?

    #31 1 year ago
  32. Clupula

    @30 – Well, this is a game. If they’re getting this much shit for her current design, can you imagine how many panties would be in twist if she were nude? There’s too many of the sexy = sexist crowd in videogames these days, so the medium will not progress to the level of movies for several decades.

    #32 1 year ago
  33. Clupula

    @31 – Give them time. I’m sure they’ll come out of the woodwork like roaches.

    #33 1 year ago
  34. GregSolidus

    @32 That was going to be MGS4 for a while.

    #34 1 year ago
  35. monkeygourmet


    Holy shit. Who cares?!

    #35 1 year ago
  36. Clupula

    Btw, I love Amaro’s response to that Halo asshole. I think I’m coming to really enjoy how outspoken Amaro is.

    #36 1 year ago
  37. Mus42

    Will we have to endure the same “discussion” when people see the bikini wearing girls in GTAV?

    #37 1 year ago
  38. Clupula

    @34 – I remember. There was supposed to be the nude frog soldier, but they cut her out of the game.

    #38 1 year ago
  39. SplatteredHouse

    Let creators create. You can still sling missiles and mud after they’ve finished, if you want.

    #39 1 year ago
  40. monkeygourmet

    Also, didn’t Cortana’s tits get ALOT bigger in Halo 4?!

    Don’t ask me how I found that link…

    #40 1 year ago
  41. GregSolidus

    @38 and the BB members. Can’t forget those.Also Quiet’s design is almost exactly what the female MSF Soldiers standard uniform was going to be sans bra due to the straps covering their nips until they changed that too.

    #41 1 year ago
  42. Clupula

    @40 – They certainly seem it in this:

    #42 1 year ago
  43. Ireland Michael

    @37 Yeah, how dare someone on a beach wear a bikini.

    Context is everything,

    #43 1 year ago
  44. Clupula

    @37 – Won’t happen. GTA V is made in the West and we all know everything Japanese is evil.

    #44 1 year ago
  45. absolutezero

    Man remember when Raiden was naked when he got his clothes nicked and he had to run about in the buff until he get his clothes back and then he put all his clothes back on again and everything was fine?

    No neither do I.

    #45 1 year ago
  46. Fin

    Bikinis in GTA V will be justified by context, you fucking idiots.

    A military person/sniper/whatever wearing a bikini? No so much.

    Grow the fuck up.


    Ya I do actually.

    #46 1 year ago
  47. GregSolidus

    @46 It’s Metal Gear though, pretty much nobody dresses in the proper context. So in the context of the universe she fits right in.

    #47 1 year ago
  48. Clupula

    @45 – That’s a male power fantasy, obviously!

    #48 1 year ago
  49. absolutezero

    Context will explain design, which is fine. It will not take away from the fact that its a terrible design in the first place, sexism, feminism and patriarchy or not.

    #49 1 year ago
  50. monkeygourmet

    I always see characters in videogames like this as ‘super heroes’…. they perform super human feats… And what do ‘super heroes’ wear?

    Sexy stuff.

    If this character appeared in Splinter Cell, I think people would have more of a reason to bitch about it.

    “Whine whine, we’ll never push the industry forward… Boo hoo…”

    #50 1 year ago
  51. Djoenz

    Some people just dont get it haha. It needs to be suitable.
    + 1 man! Spread the word.

    #51 1 year ago
  52. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @45 Man remember when games held gameplay above all else and didn’t all force themselves to be allegories for the human condition and we could just talk about how fun they were without getting into some petty quarrel about what somebody decided a character to look like and what implications may or may not be and that everything was fine?

    No neither do I.

    #52 1 year ago
  53. Mus42

    Ha ha, hilarious!
    So let me get this right, people aren’t actually complaining about the large breasted video game character, its simply an issue of context? Right-o :D

    #53 1 year ago
  54. Ireland Michael

    @45 Raiden was naked and skinny and had feeeeeelings and nice hair because in the game’s country of origin, that the kind of male character design that is popular there.

    The whole “power fantasy” argument is a frivolous one. I know plenty of men to whom physical prowess means absolutely nothing, myself included.

    #54 1 year ago
  55. Djoenz

    You laughing about it and have to ask about it is sad tbh. Who doesnt love titties? Every man loves titties.

    But this shit has no purpose other to cater to sad manchildren. A female soldier wearing that lmao.

    #55 1 year ago
  56. monkeygourmet

    Here’s a picture of the ‘cardboard box’ she uses to hide with in the ‘stealth sections’:×396.jpg

    #56 1 year ago
  57. GregSolidus

    @55 NO ONE DRESSES PROPERLY IN METAL GEAR.Hell, in any other game the terms “female”and “soldier” would be paradoxical.

    #57 1 year ago
  58. Clupula

    @55 – I prefer ass and face, myself. Breasts are nice, but I’d never turn down a woman for being flat-chested.

    #58 1 year ago
  59. absolutezero

    @52 I can’t actually.

    Custer’s Revenge.

    #59 1 year ago
  60. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @56 My itty bitty teeny weeny sides

    #60 1 year ago
  61. Djoenz

    I have to admit I havent played a MGS since part three. I didnt know that so, but still when I saw the pic of her behind I was like oh really. What female soldier wears that lmao.

    #61 1 year ago
  62. Mus42

    @61 I have no idea why you keep repeating the line “What female soldier wears that lmao”? Or is MGS 5 aiming to be a reality simulator used by the Armed Forces to teach their female soliders how to be better soldiers?

    #62 1 year ago
  63. absolutezero

    They did dress well once. A long time ago. Then Kojima could not stop himself from making more of the games and then more of them and then some more.

    This kills the Kojima.

    #63 1 year ago
  64. Clupula

    @61 – Then you should never look at the Beauty & Beast corp in MGS4.

    #64 1 year ago
  65. absolutezero

    Then he won’t hear the poor ladies dark histories.

    ppfffttt aha ha ha ahha

    #65 1 year ago
  66. Djoenz

    Well ok then. I cant take the mgs games seriously then. Its odd cause MGS and MGS2 and MGS3 were pretty legendary from what I can remember.

    My first real stealth game and after that Splinter Cell emerged.

    Im not a mgs fan and this isnt helping, but yeah just my opinion people you dont have be so upset about it.

    I wont bash ppl that buy the game, cause the gameplay vid looked amazing!!

    #66 1 year ago
  67. absolutezero

    You got THE best the series can offer. Just leave it there and pretend the rest do not exist.

    #67 1 year ago
  68. CoryBittickThePornoCritic

    @66 You truly are the king of kings

    #68 1 year ago
  69. Clupula

    @66 – If you’re not a fan then why are you wasting your and our time complaining about this? Play stuff you do like and we’ll play stuff we like. At least, Absolutezero was a fan of the series, even if now he’s just being unnecessarily negative.

    #69 1 year ago
  70. FeaturePreacher

    Bet you won’t hear a peep of fake outrage over boobs when Batman Arkham Origins is released with their female version of Copperhead or any complaints about the strippers in GTA V. Especially since these are western developed titles. My guess is that the click bait bloggers will fall on the excuse of context for those titles. Included are front and back shots to show how not offensive they are.

    #70 1 year ago
  71. absolutezero

    Thats true, I might be down on 4 and Peace Walker but I still played and enjoyed them to a degree.

    I’m just really worried about 5. It looks so goofy, dark is not where I want to see Metal Gear go to. Rising’s story was so over the top but it was perfectly Metal Gear with the meme’s and the bosses and all that wonderful stupidity that I love.

    Remember when torture in Metal Gear meant Ocelot parading in front of you strapped to a huge revolving metal table in the middle of a weapon plant? Now its water-boarding for Christ sake. Digging through guts. Then Miller spouts some of the usual philosophical rubbish and its so dissonant that it hurts.

    @70 Yeah the worst example of sexual stuff I have come across recently was the Western developed Ride to Hell Retribution. (or Mass Effect)

    #71 1 year ago
  72. Djoenz

    I used to be one and the new gameplay vid impressed the shit out of me. I appreciate a well written story and great characters that needs to captivate me. Poor character designs doesnt help to convince me.

    #72 1 year ago
  73. Ireland Michael

    @66 Almost the entire series has had these bad elements.

    Pointless Meryl nakedness scenes, Sniper Wolf wearing a zipped down suit in freezing snow, Emma’s incest storyline (a really tired and creeptastic Japanese trope), Fortune’s terrible outfit, Rose existing for no other reason than to whine at Raiden, the entire existence of Paz in Peace Walker, the awkward sexualisation and leering of Naomi in MGS4…

    About the only game not guilty of this stuff is MGS3. The only time Kojima ever actually used any restraint.

    #73 1 year ago
  74. Mus42

    Seems like a perfect opportunity some DLC – The Combat Trousers and Body Armour pack

    #74 1 year ago
  75. Clupula

    @71 – I think the story has to get dark if we’re talking about Big Boss during his transition to villain. There was a bit of optimism to 3 and Peace Walker that I would expect would be completely gone by now.

    As a fan of the series (and I can say that I hate MGS2, btw), I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a game than I am for this one. I found MGS4 disappointing, but not in narrative, more in boss fight variety and how the final chapter of the game suddenly fell into the thing that made me hate MGS2 so much: the walk five steps, half hour cutscene pattern, walk five more steps, another half hour cutscene, and then a final boss battle that didn’t compare to the final boss battle of MGS3, gameplay wise.

    #75 1 year ago
  76. Clupula

    @73 – You mean being able to see through Eva’s clothes was restraint?

    Hahahaha. You don’t like the series. Fine. Move on.

    Although I will agree that Rose was the worst character in the history of videogames. She probably even ranks in the bottom 10 worst fictional characters ever.

    #76 1 year ago
  77. Ireland Michael

    @76 I think the series is great. Doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore its faults.

    Eve’s sexuality at the very least played an actual relevant part in the story. She was using Snake to get what she wanted.

    #77 1 year ago
  78. Clupula

    @77 – So did Naomi, with Otacon.

    And we don’t know anything about this character until the game comes out…or they do what they did with MGS4 and make trailers that give away 90% of the plot.

    #78 1 year ago
  79. absolutezero

    I don’t see that at all because at the other end of this supposed “darkness” is the pantomime villain of Metal Gear that looks like Sean Connery

    That you kill with hairspray.

    #79 1 year ago
  80. Clupula

    They retconned the Sean Connery thing away.

    #80 1 year ago
  81. absolutezero

    Not in my heart.

    #81 1 year ago
  82. Clupula

    @81 – You’ll always have Michael Biehn.

    #82 1 year ago
  83. Ireland Michael

    @78 Okay, explain this then:

    Ignore the annoying commentary. It’s the only version of the scene I could find on short notice.

    #83 1 year ago
  84. Clupula

    @83 – What am I looking for? Naomi is being comforting to Snake. Not particularly sexual in my eyes, and Snake is being a pervert, which I don’t blame him for in his condition, when sex would probably kill him. That’s nothing new to the series, anyway. In MGS2, you could look up the skirts of certain hostages to see their panty-clad crotches with binoculars/sniper rifle and Campbell and Rose would yell at you for doing it.

    #84 1 year ago
  85. zinc

    Its disgusting, its sexist…

    & female cosplayers will love it.

    So chill, yeah?

    #85 1 year ago
  86. Stephany Nunneley

    Kojima commented on this – post has been updated

    #86 1 year ago
  87. Ireland Michael

    @84 *shakes head and sighs* in the real world, that kind of behaviour would be grounds for sexual harassment.

    But hey, it’s a video game, so it’s okay, right?

    If that’s your thing, hey… whatever floats your boat. It’s not mine.

    #87 1 year ago
  88. viralshag

    Maybe she loses her clothing through the story?

    Maybe Snake steals them so he has an advantage from the heat exhaustion?

    Maybe she left her body armour by the side of an oasis in the desert while she bathed and a camel stole them?

    I think all of these would be viable ways to add her “final” outfit into the narrative…

    #88 1 year ago
  89. Clupula

    @87 – Well, yes, if Snake and Naomi worked in an office together, that would, indeed be grounds for sexual harrassment. But they don’t, so I don’t see your point.

    I wasn’t aware that MGS was a Tactical Office Simulation.

    #89 1 year ago
  90. Mus42

    @89 Some people can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, so they end up confusing the two.

    #90 1 year ago
  91. nitrofeen

    Why is this a issue. Its a mature game not for children. This is nothing compared to other industries.

    #91 1 year ago
  92. YoungZer0

    @87: In the real world people can also not run on water, survive on sucking blood, etc. etc. Also not an office. I guess she could sue the war hero and colleague because he tried to stare at her panties.

    #92 1 year ago
  93. Ireland Michael

    @92 I’m a lot more comfortable seeing someone with someone running on water than I am being placed in sexually perverse situations that I would have no desire to act out in real life. When you are given control of a virtual avatar (the whole unique selling point of the medium) there is a certain extra level of attachment to the actions of the character isn’t available in other forms of media. At least for me.

    It was completely unnecessary. It’s existence served no purpose beyond very uncomfortable titillation. All it did was make me feel awkward and hope nobody walked in in the middle of it, thinking I was into something that I wasn’t.

    Anyway, Vamp is the one of the villains. I’m not *supposed* to like what he does.

    #93 1 year ago
  94. GwynbleiddiuM

    @73 Ireland Michael you should know by now that certain things differ in certain cultures and pop-cultures. Somethings might seem demeaning to us is perfectly acceptable for others, like hijab in muslim countries a non-muslim like myself finds it offensive to women and I believe it is because Islam treats women as sex objects and men as horny dogs, if I see a woman without a scarf I might get a boner, I might even rape her [according to Islamic logic]. That is demeaning and lowest of reasoning to base an entire idea upon, but there it is. I’m not saying that what you’re saying is inaccurate or wrong, I’m just saying that regardless of our own opinion we do not set the cultural bars. Looking at Japan’s pop-culture, manga, anime, games, etc, you’d find what Kojima does is actually quite acceptable in comparison.

    #94 1 year ago
  95. The Dude

    @93 But you’re okay with the killing of dudes? I don’t really understand your argument here.

    Also, in that scene it seems to me that both Naomi and Snake have some weird sexual tension thing going on with each other. I know it’s probably not done in the best way.. kinda easter egg/fan-servicy, but still.. I think there’s a point to it there.

    #95 1 year ago
  96. YoungZer0

    @93: … wow.

    “It was completely unnecessary.”

    Yeah, the game has a lot of those unnecessary things. Remember when Snake told Raiden that he needs to take care of his box and treat it with respect? HOW FUCKING UNNECESSARY! Remember when Raiden ran around naked? Totally unnecessary!

    “It’s existence served no purpose beyond very uncomfortable titillation.”

    Not all people see the scene the same way you do. You take this shit way too serious. It’s obviously there for a little laugh. I showed this scene to two female friends and the laughed. So did my girlfriend. None of them started talking about sexual harassment.

    That’s just Snake being Snake, he took a peak at Meryl multiple times before, he even *gasp* dared to make a comment on her butt!

    No one was hurt or violated here. That you can get worked up over something so small is quite frankly more embarrassing than the actual scene itself. The game has far bigger problems than that.

    “thinking I was into something that I wasn’t.”

    Again, that’s your problem. If you want to avoid that, don’t play it. Or don’t play it in places where people can walk in on you.

    #96 1 year ago
  97. Ireland Michael

    @94 I’m well aware that they differ in other cultures.

    That doesn’t make they alright or acceptable. I should just accept the rising invasion of creepy otaku fetishism into Japanese media because that’s “just the way it is”? It wasn’t acceptable then, and if isn’t now. It is getting a hell of a lot more pervasive in recent years though.

    I accept it no more than I do the west’s obsession with graphical violence – that is equally as guilty.

    It’s nearly impossible to find a single piece of Japanese medium nowadays that doesn’t somehow fall in this disturbing mentality of leering at women entirely as sexual design. Even FFXIII, in a series that generally stayed away from that sort of stuff, couldn’t entirely help itself, with upskirts shots and needless lesbian undertones.

    @96 “It’s obviously there for a little laugh. I showed this scene to two female friends and the laughed. So did my girlfriend. None of them started talking about sexual harassment.”

    I saw the scene with my girlfriend at the time, and we both found it uncomfortable and unnecessary. Different strokes for different folks. Neither is right. This is obviously just my opinion, seeing as I’m, you know, the one stating it.

    I’m not “worked up” about anything. Don’t transfer feelings onto someone else based on your personal bias of my opinion. It’s nothing more, nothing less. I’m simply replying with explanations to people who replied to me.

    #97 1 year ago
  98. Clupula

    @96 – That’s the funniest thing to me. It’s mostly men who get offended by this sort of thing and feel they have to protect women from the horrible leering eyes of men. Most women I know have a sense of humor about it. They know real life sexual harrassment and threats of assault and catcalling. A videogame is very low on most women’s list of things they should worry about. And when a game plays a scene like this for laughs, most of them find it funny, since the butt of the joke is Snake being a pervert.

    #98 1 year ago
  99. Lengendaryboss

    I want to add my input but will it get lost in this debate?

    #99 1 year ago
  100. Djoenz

    Do it LB! Im sure we all would like to hear what you have to say bro! :D

    #100 1 year ago
  101. Lengendaryboss

    Um its just game, it has no meaning, no influence, no effect, no purpose in real life.

    #101 1 year ago
  102. wildBoar

    Wow this shit’s really still going? @94 The japanese are more comfortable with sexuality or sexually loaded imagery, they see it for what it is, natural. No matter what spin people want to put on it the whole rhetoric that sexual content is somehow wrong still reeks of conservativism and cenzorship to me.

    #102 1 year ago
  103. YoungZer0

    @97: You called it “sexual harassment” so I’d say it’s pretty fair to assume that you got worked up here.

    @98: Yep, white knighting and all that.


    “No matter what spin people want to put on it the whole rhetoric that sexual content is somehow wrong still reeks of conservationism and censorship to me.”

    Erm … you know they censor their porn, right?

    #103 1 year ago
  104. Ireland Michael

    @98 I’m not “offended” by it in the slightest. I simply find it childish and below my capability for thinking as a thinking, functioning adult. It’s juvenile.

    The fact that the women you know don’t have an issue with it is meaningless – more people supporting an opinion doesn’t make it more valid or “correct”, since opinions can’t be facts. Most of the women (and plenty of men) I know think this sort of thing is just childish and stupid.

    All that says is that we like to spend time in the company of people with similar opinions as our own.

    @99 Of course you can.

    #104 1 year ago
  105. Lengendaryboss

    Thanks :)

    To go into more detail the MGS series have had its fair share of non-sense shall i say. Naked Raiden, Naked Johnny, virtually all bosses with their own “Quirks”, funny AI, Cardboard Boxes, attractive/controversial females. What i’m getting at is that its just Kojima’s weird flair to add in stuff that doesn’t make sense, controversial (Snake/Raiden switcheroo) the point is that it doesn’t make sense its just a game, it has no meaning, no influence, no effect, no purpose in real life.

    EDIT: Keep on debating!

    #105 1 year ago
  106. zinc

    @101, A distinction that few commentators can make.

    #106 1 year ago
  107. Clupula

    @104 – You probably need to meet more women with senses of humor then.

    #107 1 year ago
  108. Ireland Michael

    @107 Oh hey, the willy waving has finally started.

    Took longer than I thought, honestly.

    #108 1 year ago
  109. Djoenz

    That still doesnt explain the fact Kojima had to twitter about it and come up with a lame excuse why he thinks it needed to be sexed up just for cosplay. BTW I think cosplay is a bit weird tbh like rlp’ers!

    #109 1 year ago
  110. wildBoar

    @103 well yeah, dicks and vaginas are a different story down there,I dunno how that works. But overall they’re still far more lax about sex and sexualization, genitialia just doesn’t go under that for some reason. It’s the whole conservative feminism we’ve got here in the west that I feel gave rise to this whole debacle though. I mean didn’t we already establish a long time ago that sex, porn, sexual content is perfectly harmless? If it’s in poor taste doesn’t really matter I feel, why should sex be unaccaptable or offensive? It’s so dumb.
    You can make sexual content that panders to males, or females as much as you’d like, it still doesn’t make it offensive, just slightly erotic.

    #110 1 year ago
  111. absolutezero

    I liked the design of Mistral, it was sexual and it was also over the top. The dwarf Gekko arms etc etc.

    Quiet looks like the doodlings of a bored teenager. Its lazy, its ugly, its not sexy or alluring. The bikini looks like a bikini, not like underwear, yet she’s wearing fishnets. Its all sorts of confused and un-cohesive.

    #111 1 year ago
  112. Lengendaryboss

    Start from: “the point is… and continue to understand what i meant.

    Its a game for FRACK SAKE!

    #112 1 year ago
  113. Stephany Nunneley

    Mo-cap session video added in there now

    #113 1 year ago
  114. Ireland Michael

    @110 Conservatism implies that people want stuff changed or abolished to fit in with their idea of “traditional” social norms.

    Nobody is asking for it to be abolished or censored. They’re allowed to have personal preferences though. Personally, I’m just not 14 anymore (and haven’t been for a long time) and don’t find this sort of titilation anything more than brain dampening, tired and creepy. Again, if that’s your sort of thing, have at it.

    #114 1 year ago
  115. wildBoar

    @112 I like you Boss, but don’t waste your breath on this. It IS just a game, and it IS just a pair of tits. Some people can’t get past that though and have to apply morals to everything as if there needs to be some moral basis for what things we are attracted to.

    #115 1 year ago
  116. Djoenz

    Its easy to just state its a game for fuck sake. Never bitching or complaining is for people without a backbone. I mean even if your opinion is not the same as most of the bitchers who says people cant just speak their mind? Who are you to enforce your own opinion on other people?

    Its just a game yet we all are members here on VG247 to talk about games so its more than just a game. Its also a matter of principles.

    These articles are made to inform people and the comments section is there for people to discuss.

    ITS JUST A GAME FOR FUCKS SAKE is not a valid argument for a discussion or debate, but then again maybe you dont want to debate.

    #116 1 year ago
  117. Citrus raptor

    *Sigh* Kojima, Kojima, Kojima, don’t you know; you can’t feature lightly dressed women anymore? It’s sexist, and it’ll cause an outrage over the internet. You should stick to completely nude men…

    #117 1 year ago
  118. wildBoar

    @114 This, and the discussion you’re leading seems largely to be about what’s fitting for your social norms though. You’re not calling for it to be abolished so as not to be a hypocrite I guess but you’re still very much condemming it as if it’s unaccaptable. You say you don’t want it cenzored but you write as if you do. Just a thought.

    @117 is it sexist for something to pander to a male audience though? Not really, last time I checked they aren’t implying that women are stupid or useless or something, that’s like saying Johnny Depp is sexist to men because he encourages objectification or something. There is a torture scene with her though so I’d start there.

    #118 1 year ago
  119. Ireland Michael

    @116 We should all sit in front of our computer and consoles like vegetables and not develop any opinions about anything ever. We should just laugh at everything no matter how tasteless it is, and accept everything no matter how wrong we think it should be. Opinions, ethics and morals are for pussies and old fashioned people.

    Of course, the one thing we should never do is censor it.

    @118 Its my opinion because I’m the one stating it. Obviously. You can agree with it or not. If someone responds to me, of course I’m going to debate it.

    “You’re not calling for it to be abolished so as not to be a hypocrite I guess but you’re still very much condemming it as if it’s unaccaptable. You say you don’t want it cenzored but you write as if you do. Just a thought.”

    No, those are inferences you are implanting into my words yourself to justify your difference in opinion. It’s easier to condemn someone else’s right to an opinion than it is to actually discuss the topic.

    It’s unacceptable to *my* standards. *I* don’t like it. *I* find it crass and juvenile and lazy, and above all *I* find it creatively barren.

    *I* am not *you*.

    I don’t want nor never would want something censored based on my personal tastes. That doesn’t mean I can’t be critical of it.

    #119 1 year ago
  120. Lengendaryboss


    Your misunderstanding i meant i don’t see the need to get so fussed over this, how is it going to affect you personally (unless you game in public/or some over social situation). My point is that you shouldn’t get worked over a video game. Apply (your beliefs and values) to what you do in real life, not virtual life. Maybe i don’t want to debate? Initially no but i came back after a few hours and see it escalate further than i thought so felt obligated to offer my opinion.

    As for its just a game, well is it not?

    Games don’t impact real life, i don’t see the need to get fussed over this.

    Edit: In a way games can actually impact life in a way for some, but in general it shouldn’t be too major.

    #120 1 year ago
  121. Citrus raptor

    I hoped that the way I phrased it would convay some sarcasm, but I guess I failed. :P

    #121 1 year ago
  122. salarta

    As I’ve said before, Quiet being sexy and showing skin is par for the course for the Metal Gear series. The only real problem with it in this case is that unlike with past female character depictions, Quiet wearing so little clothing is extremely impractical given her profession and location. These are soldiers, showing skin is something that can be chalked up to preference ONLY until it starts to interfere with their jobs. Standing around in the hot desert with no shirt on, and therefore no heat protection, is where it goes into the territory of being there purely for titillation. It’s dangerous behavior that makes the “trained professional” look like an idiot. She may as well be running around in a toxic environment without a gas mask.

    That said, I’m still planning on buying and playing MGS5. In spite of this glaring problem, I’ve always enjoyed the MGS games, and I’m sure whatever happens with Quiet will still be miles better than games like the new “Tomb Raider” even with impractical lack of shirt.

    @5: The VGAs were filled with that content. And it caused a massive uproar. And also many people, including former huge fans of Miley Cyrus that were also teens or tweens, to dislike Miley Cyrus. It got complaints specifically because they were trying to be “mature” in that juvenile, immature sense that people think counts as mature.

    @11: Fascinating theory. Though it’s hurt a little bit by circumstances. If she’s stripped during the interrogation scenes and escapes sans clothing, that means that at some point, she’s wearing more clothes. First of all, showing only the scenes where she’s wearing no clothes shows they think “hey, you can check out her body” takes higher priority than giving an idea of what she’s like. The second issue, is that while I can imagine an intention of using her torture and stripping as a criticism of rape culture, I can also see it being interpreted, despite any intentions of the people behind MGS5, in a much more insulting way: that abusing women is sexy.

    #122 1 year ago
  123. wildBoar

    @119 oh bother, that was my opinion of what you’re writing, yes. You really do go on a loop with that usual going after my opinion rant, all the while using it as an excuse to discredit mine. That was simply my thoughts of what you write, shame you’re being to defensive to take anything constructively I guess.

    #123 1 year ago
  124. Osric

    Anyone having a problem with Quiet’s design should stop being a church with legs.

    #124 1 year ago
  125. salarta


    #125 1 year ago
  126. G-Sama

    …and also having virtual girls being sexy in my game doesn’t make me sexist

    #126 1 year ago
  127. absolutezero

    If Quiet is indeed the character we see being tortured in the trailer, who then gets stripped and escapes sans clothes.

    Why is she wearing a bikini? Under her combat fatigues? Why not I dunno under-wear?

    The worst thing about this is that I know that Shinkawa is better than this. Its fucking depressing.

    #127 1 year ago
  128. stalepie

    so hot

    #128 1 year ago
  129. Sini


    #129 1 year ago

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