New Alan Wake to be digital affair, confirms Major Nelson

Thursday, 3 November 2011 22:12 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Following on from confirmation earlier it would debut at the Spike VGAs next month, Nelson’s confirmed on Twitter the next Alan Wake from Remedy will be a digital affair on Xbox Live.

The title will be “fully standalone” from the original game that released at retail last May.

Here’s the full tweet from the Major: “We can confirm that this new “Alan Wake” game will be a fully standalone experience and released on Xbox LIVE.

Rumour of a XBL Wake title emerged in May, saying it would be called Alan Wake: Night Springs. The report was published after Remedy confirmed it was making a new game in the Wake universe, but that it wasn’t AW2.

Head of Franchise at the Finnish studio Oskari Hakkinen stayed mum on the claims, telling VG247 it was “keeping a lid” on the new game until it was ready to be announced.

That announce will happen on December 10 at the VGAs.