Blizzard: “Console Diablo III” job is “not an announcement”

Thursday, 17th February 2011 19:57 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Blizzard has stressed that it hasn’t announced a console port of Diablo III, following the release of an ad for a senior producer on Gamasutra specifically for the game.

Diablo III

Announced at Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational in Paris in 2008.

Activision said recently it’s not counting on a Blizzard release this year.

Blizzard, however, is pushing for a 2011 release.

Official site.

The job requires “a minimum of 4 years experience in the video game industry” and the successful candidate “must have shipped at least one AAA console title in a senior producer role.”

This is the first time Blizzard has explicitly said Diablo III is being worked on as a console game, but in a statement given to VG247 this morning, the company has been quick to stress ongoing console work is still a “concept”.

“We’re exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles and are currently looking to fill a few senior console-related positions on the Diablo III team,” said a spokesperson.

“As we’ve said in the past, with proper care the gameplay could suit the console platform, and we’re interested in seeing what talent out there might be interested in such a project. If you’re passionate about all things Diablo and have the requisite skill and experience, then head over to our jobs site to check out the positions and apply.

“Please note that this is not an announcement of a console title. We are first and foremost developing Diablo III for Windows and Mac PCs and don’t intend to allow any possibility of a console interpretation to delay or affect the release of the game.”

“Could make sense”

Accelerated news of a Diablo III-related console game will come as little surprise. Blizzard has talked relatively openly about the possibility of a console port of the hugely anticipated action-RPG for at least six months.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said at DICE earlier this month that, “I think you could make an argument that a game like Diablo might play very well on a console. It’s something that we’re actually doing an investigation into to see if that could make sense.”

The demon hunter class reveal trailer.

The company said in November last year that it was hiring for a “Diablo-related concept” for consoles, but failed to say what the project actually was.

In October last year, Blizzard’s Jason Bender told VG247 at Blizzcon that Diablo III was “suited” to consoles.

Diablo III was originally announced at Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational in Paris in 2008.

The game’s never been dated, but Activision said recently that it doesn’t expect a Blizzard title to release in 2011, but that two games will arrive from the company in 2012.



  1. Maximum Payne

    I am only said because back_up is going to think PS3 version is going to be best version…
    But again like they said it is playable on console unlike WoW or Starcraft

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Razor

    Wicked :D

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Yoshi

    Okay NOW! back_up has some evidence that they’re bringing it to PS3 :)

    #3 4 years ago
  4. KrazyKraut

    hoping for couch co-op!!!!

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Caleb_LK

    Nice to have them finally confirm this :D

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Erthazus

    and how much they are going to do it?

    3 years of port and integration?

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Blerk


    /rubs legs

    #7 4 years ago
  8. DSB

    Makes sense with the multiplayer ambitions they have for it. Plus, they don’t want to be outdone by Torchlight :P

    How come you haven’t run any of the old images from the scrapped Blizzard North Diablo III, PatGar? I saw ‘em on a lesser site than your own and thought it looked mighty interesting.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. razvan2you

    Excelent news for console owners, but this means that the PC version will probably be delayed to be lunched with the console versions…..

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Gekidami

    You mean this?:

    #10 4 years ago
  11. MushroomStamp

    SWEET!!! I’ll have to get Both versions :)

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Erthazus

    @9 it won’t be delayed. Hell no or fans will be apeshit at Blizzcon.

    Blizzcon is full of internet trolls :D

    I’m interested to see this announcement (if it is going to happen of course) at Blizzcon. I’m sure a lot will bitch about PC version. But money > quality for Acti|Blizzard this generation anyway.

    Starcraft II was just a Starcraft I in 3D sadly… this one looks like a Cartoonish version of World Of warcraft with Diablo on it.

    So i’m not surprised.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. DSB

    Crikey, totally missed that! Thanks for the correction Geki.

    @12 Since when do Blizzard care about fans whining about when they release their stuff? If they’ve proven anything over the years it’s that they release when finished, not according to what fans might like. And they really aren’t scared to scrap or start over, either :P

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Dark

    the witcher 2 is next.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Dark

    *to come for console*

    #15 4 years ago
  16. Maximum Payne

    Making Starcraft sequel is most hard think to do.If they change concept of game then 10 mill of koreans would be angry because it is not like Starcraft 1.If the game is just make it new SP and new 3D engine then people will bitch it about it again…

    #16 4 years ago
  17. Erthazus

    @Darkm Witcher 2 on consoles? I doubt it. They could not do even Witcher 1 for consoles. Without first part it’s not going to happen.

    ” Since when do Blizzard care about fans whining about when they release their stuff? If they’ve proven anything over the years it’s that they release when finished, not according to what fans might like. And they really aren’t scared to scrap or start over, either ”

    Thats true. Can’t argue here, but they care about their fanbase actually (at least at Blizzcon). They always apologize for the games that take so long. But at least they are fully packed.
    Starcraft II maybe Starcraft I in 3D, but it has an amazing optimization, amazing community mods tools and amazing interface with amazing intuitive PC settings.

    #17 4 years ago
  18. baps

    Sweet, ive just started playing diablo 2 with a mate and im loving it, its been sittin around for years and i just thought fuggit

    #18 4 years ago
  19. Erthazus

    @Maximum Payne, you are absolutely right.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Patrick Garratt

    This isn’t surprising in any way, I’m afraid to say. Something had to replace Guitar Hero. Welcome to the new Activision “pillar”. One thing’s for sure: you can expect this to be as big as it gets.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. Erthazus

    @20, At least Blizzard won’t milk it.


    Oh my… What i’m talking about… Only 5 classes in the final Diablo III, later there will be addons with more classes.. :3

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Patrick Garratt

    @21 – They will hammer it for cash, but it has to be a good thing, I reckon. It’ll rock *so* fucking hard on Live. It’ll be day one for everyone I know.

    #22 4 years ago
  23. Patrick Garratt

    And imagine if it’s cross-plat? If you have your account and can play any version using cloud saves, etc?

    Bloody hell fire. It really could be properly amazing. Must lie down.

    #23 4 years ago
  24. Gekidami

    ^ Going off the example of Valve that would have to be only on PC & PS3. And i’ve yet to see Acti leave the 360 out in anyway.

    #24 4 years ago
  25. BloodyJoe

    please do it the PS3 Move way!

    #25 4 years ago
  26. Erthazus

    ^ Thats what i afraid…

    #26 4 years ago
  27. Hybridpsycho

    No wonder the game has such shitty graphics :/

    Damn you blizzard! Understandable nontheless though.

    #27 4 years ago
  28. _LarZen_

    Diablo 3 for PS3 !! Please God let it be….

    #28 4 years ago
  29. theBEAST137

    If us PC/MAC people have to wait for Blizzard to finish Diablo III one consoles before the game is released, I will be VERY MAD, especially at Blizzard.

    #29 4 years ago
  30. nemsis

    expanding the empire

    #30 4 years ago
  31. IL DUCE

    This is awesome…unfortunately by the time it reaches consoles we will have seen Diablo clones like Torchlight and Dungeon Siege III already on X Box 360, and Dungeon Hunter on the iDevices. I’m definitely looking forward to the originator hitting consoles though, hope I get to play it soon enough.

    #31 4 years ago
  32. OrbitMonkey

    I’ll start getting excited in ooh, about a year & a bit? When its closer to release.

    #32 4 years ago
  33. osric90

    I told you.

    #33 4 years ago
  34. back_up

    Epic news
    i was right as always hehehe
    i loved diablo on PS1
    can’t wait for D3

    #34 4 years ago
  35. SwiftRanger

    Quoting DiabloIncGamers:

    “If there’s news here, it’s that they have not found anyone to fill those jobs in the 3+ months since they posted them. ”

    These job postings were already revealed in November. Blizzard just posted it to Gamasutra now apparently.

    PC version out this year, only thing that matters for now.

    #35 4 years ago
  36. frostquake

    Make a Limited Edition that comes with a USB or Wireless, Keyboard and Mouse for the Consoles, and I would buy it. You could even do a Modified Keyboard and keep it small for those armchair quarterbacks!

    This will be a Day one purchase for me, just because of all the Warm and Fuzzy feelings I have for Diablo.

    I know ppl will of course complain about this being one consoles, but I am just grateful to get this on my consoles, because it is the only way I will get to play it, since I don’t Hard Core PC Game anymore. So even a slightly dumb down version is better then no version at all.

    #36 4 years ago
  37. mojo

    “Make a Limited Edition that comes with a USB or Wireless, Keyboard and Mouse for the Consoles, and I would buy it”
    why in all hell?
    those games play out perfectly with the pad. try sacred 2
    Theres realy no need for m+k

    #37 4 years ago
  38. Patrick Garratt

    @35 – They’re different ads. They’ve never said they were making Diablo III on consoles before.

    #38 4 years ago
  39. themadjock

    How long is that going to take!!

    #39 4 years ago
  40. Patrick Garratt

    Updated with a statement there.

    #40 4 years ago
  41. frostquake

    @ Mojo

    LOL…Just for the collector in me…Heck make a Bust of one of the Monsters…I do have Sacred 2 on Xbox…I will say they are getting better and better with controller mapping on consoles…but heck..if Street Fighter and other Fighting games can get a Monster Controller, then I want one for Diablo as well…Just for fun…Not complaining mind you…Just for fun. I am sure they will come out with some kind of console special edition…and sadly even though I have quit buying special editions, I would get the one for Diablo…Can’t I at least dream my wittle dream…ROFL ;)

    #41 4 years ago
  42. blackdreamhunk

    more like consoles gamers beg for the game to be on consoles, kinda like dragon age.

    #42 4 years ago
  43. OrbitMonkey

    ^ A bit like pc gamers begging for Gears 2 huh?

    #43 4 years ago
  44. blackdreamhunk

    I don’t support game devs that treat their fan base like garbage. You consoles gamers can take them.

    I am looking at dragon age and I wonder how consolized the game is going to be

    #44 4 years ago
  45. blackdreamhunk

    oh one more thing gears of war is garbage there way better games on the pc that is better than gears of war,but you console fanboys would not know that huh.

    #45 4 years ago
  46. OrbitMonkey

    ^ Gears is garbage… blah blah
    Pc games much better…. blah blah
    Console gamers know nufin… blah blah
    I don’t support nasty devs who treat me so bad…. blah blah

    Christ Cliffy was right about some of you guys :)

    #46 4 years ago
  47. YoungZer0

    No, not one more thing, just be quite. We have enough troll here already.

    #47 4 years ago
  48. blackdreamhunk

    just because the game is coming consoles does mean it’s going to be the same experience kinda like crysis lol what joke!

    #48 4 years ago
  49. YoungZer0

    Agreed. It’s probably going to be better.

    #49 4 years ago
  50. blackdreamhunk

    more like drag the consoles gaming is dragging pc gaming in the mud

    Crytek CEO on Console Crysis

    CryEngine 3 Consoles vs CryEngine 2 PC [HD]

    #50 4 years ago
  51. YoungZer0

    Wow, console version looks so much better, i didn’t knew. Thanks for the links. Now i can even prove it to my friends.

    #51 4 years ago
  52. blackdreamhunk

    running of hot air huh, the games are even out yet. what a joke cooperate suck up.

    #52 4 years ago
  53. Michael O’Connor

    @52 I think you might have missed his pretty blstant sarcasm, BDH.

    #53 4 years ago
  54. mojo

    no what hes actualy missing is the awareness that different ppl have different tastes.
    Breaking news: the world DOES NOT revolve around bdh

    #54 4 years ago
  55. Freek

    Not an anoucement no, but it’s safe to assume one is comming down the line, to be released about 6 months after the PC version.
    Unless Blizzard is just hiring somebody to do some research and then fire them again. But why would anybody with that kind of experience in a senior role be interested in such a temporary job?

    #55 4 years ago
  56. Bond James Bond

    Diablo on a console? No, just…no. I’ll stick with my mouse & keyboard fuck you very much.

    #56 4 years ago
  57. StolenGlory

    Well, I pretty much bought my newest PC with Diablo 3 in mind so i’ll be sticking with that version I reckon since a lot of my friends that I intend to play it with, will be doing so on the PC version also.

    As far as the console version goes though, i’m all for it actually. It deserves to do well and more exposure of the Diablo brand to the masses is never a bad thing.

    #57 4 years ago
  58. SwiftRanger

    @35 – They’ve said they were investigating a Diablo III console version which honestly said means just as much imo, the ads are for the same positions as the ones from November.

    #58 4 years ago
  59. IL DUCE

    What the people like blackdreamhunk don’t understand is that more and more PC exclusive games will begin to come to consoles if it is technologically possible due to the increased sales the game would get because let’s be honest, the consoles always sell more than PC games when games are released for all platforms, because not everyone can buy these super rigs to run computer games properly, for example, APB, I bought that piece of shit and it ran on my laptop, but was barely playable, while I could run games like America’s Army 3 no problem, but anyway…so APB released, and the servers were shut down a couple of months later and Realtime Worlds closed, now had that game came to consoles? probably wouldn’t have been one of the biggest disappointments ever…even if you had took the number of players per server down on consoles, it definitely would’ve had a lot more success then it did…basically exposure is everything, and since a $300 console runs every game released for it, games get a lot more exposure and a lot more buyers…Another example, take DC Universe Online, 50% of the players including myself are playing that game on PS3 rather than computer, companies need to diversify now and don’t make games exclusively for PC anymore besides most MMOs

    #59 4 years ago
  60. Bond James Bond

    19/02/11, 10:04 pm

    take DC Universe Online, 50% of the players including myself are playing that game on PS3 rather than computer, companies need to diversify now and don’t make games exclusively for PC anymore besides most MMOs

    Yeah, that’s because it’s a piss-poor MMO and is really the only option for PS3 owners in terms playing those types of games. Console owners have almost zero choice on MMO’s, so they are going to play any MMO available to them.

    What the people like blackdreamhunk don’t understand is that more and more PC exclusive games will begin to come to consoles if it is technologically possible due to the increased sales the game would get because let’s be honest, the consoles always sell more than PC games

    Well, that not entirely true, the Orange Box for example sold more the PC than all the console version put together (see link below).

    Regarding your exclusive comment, more publishers/developers are moving away from exclusivity. Period. Look at Bungie signing a 10 year contract with Activision to produce a new Multiplatform IP, then see SquareEnix release FF XII on the 360, a so called exclusive title (FF Vs XIII will go the same as the former).

    Exclusives are less appealing to 3rd party developers every generation because of the money they lose. For example, Epic lost millions by not making GOW multiplatform.

    Exclusives will go the way of the dodo, not unless they are bank-rolled by one of the big three (MS, Sony or Nintendo) or are first party in the first place.

    On a side note: Consoles won’t be around forever and they will be replaced by other forms of technology.

    Consoles are only popular in North America and parts Western Europe. In Japan it’s all about handhelds and the rest of the world i.e. Eastern and parts of western Europe, South America and most of Asia it’s mostly PC gaming, consoles haven’t got a look-in within these regions.

    The times are changing and it’s not a case of if, but more a question of when consoles burnout and fade away…


    #60 4 years ago
  61. Gekidami

    “And that includes Steam sales, retail sales, and now individual sales of Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.”

    Yeah, so not just the Organge Box then.

    #61 4 years ago
  62. Bond James Bond


    Likewise, the Orange Box does consist of those games above…

    #62 4 years ago
  63. Gekidami

    ^ But they arent sold separately on consoles. So the point you’re trying to make with that example is pretty much worthless.

    #63 4 years ago
  64. Bond James Bond


    I don’t think so, it’s just sour grapes on your behalf. Get over it.

    #64 4 years ago
  65. Gekidami

    ^ lol Right, seems like you’re willfully ignoring that the figures for PC count the sales of 4 separate products Vs. one on consoles because it suits your fanboyish case best.

    Sure buddy, whatever delusion helps you sleep at night.

    #65 4 years ago
  66. Bond James Bond


    Whatever mate, believe your own bullshit because no one else is!…

    #66 4 years ago
  67. IL DUCE

    And @Bond James Bond the reason Gears of War didn’t go multi-platform was because of the excessive pirating on the PC, which Cliffy B has stated himself, since it’s basically per one game on PC sold 10 people have bootlegs of your game or worse…and I believe there will always be some form of consoles available for gaming whether it’s a cloud gaming micro-console like a more developed OnLive type service in the future, but there will always be something because what would be the need for PCs if consoles were also going to be extinct, you would therefore not need any separate medium to play games if the technology eliminated the need for consoles…kind of like mobile devices such as iPads and tablets eliminating the need for PCs/laptops for some people…and I was talking about exclusivity in general being eliminated besides the Microsoft or Sony published games, which soon may be a thing of the past entirely, but I was just commenting on the subject of PC game exclusivity since that was the topic at hand…

    #67 4 years ago
  68. Kalain


    You’ll actually find that MS wanted it as a launch title for the 360 and it had nothing to do with PC’s, pirating or anything else.

    #68 4 years ago
  69. DSB

    @67 Way to talk out of your ass. I’d like to know how Cliff managed to get that 10% figure. Thus far the industry has yet to provide any useful statistics on piracy, which serves everybody well, because piracy can be blamed for pretty much anything as long as it remains unspecified.

    The PC is still a viable platform. It offers a lot more complexity compared to consoles, which isn’t what any market likes, but there are plenty of PC gamers out there who favor it for the same reasons, and that’s ultimately why it’s still a viable platform.

    If someone invents a PC that works on the same principles as a console in terms of cheap and standardized hardware, then that will obviously lead to a new era, but tablet computers are hardly a threat.

    Pretty much every person I know who owns an iPad also owns a PC or a Mac.

    #69 4 years ago
  70. IL DUCE

    @68 Speaking of talking out of asses…HOW CAN IT BE A LAUNCH TITLE WHEN IT RELEASES A FULL YEAR AFTER THE PLATFORM?! X Box 360 released November 2005 with 18 launch titles while Gears of War launched in November 2006

    @69 I never said it wasn’t a viable platform, and never said there was anything wrong with the PC just that developers look to expand their horizons if it gives them the ability to maximize profits and increase exposure…And while I don’t quite remember what the estimated number was Epic still sited it as a reason for Gears exclusivity, even if it wasn’t the only reason behind it…and I’m saying SOME(keyword) people solely use their tablets or iPads now as opposed to a PC, I didn’t say everyone that YOU know because that obviously is not the full population of people that own tablets/iPads…but some people don’t feel the need for a laptop especially when they have that instead was all I said…and yes the piracy figures can never be exact due to the sheer fact it is PIRACY were talking about, but it is rampant on the PC as opposed to the consoles, which still have some piracy but likely a lot less than PCs…

    #70 4 years ago
  71. DSB

    You actually stated it as fact and quoted Cliff Breszinski and some ridiculous ratio to support it. I just called your bullshit. Publishers have already proven that a PC can pull as much profit as any other one console if their titles are good enough and are supported properly, so while piracy is certainly very real, I don’t think it hurts Epic Games that a few million billion Brazillians and Asians pirate their game, since they wouldn’t be able to afford buying it anyway. Same with fake Gucci bags.

    I’m sure there are a couple of teens out there who are only using iPads, but it’s a very select number of people, who probably didn’t need a PC in the first place. You were suggesting that they were actually eliminating a need for PCs, which they quite simply aren’t – It’s at the most an accessory to an actual computer. It’s a great thing to have on the go, especially running a business, but you can ultimately get a lot more work done when you aren’t relying on wi-fi, jailbreaks, lousy zoom-and-press browsing and a keyboard hidden behind a glass screen.

    I wouldn’t blame anyone for exchanging their laptops with one on a trip though. Obviously it’s not an option for students, who often tend to go for laptops, since they suck to type on, but if all you have to do is stay connected on the go and maybe kick back with a movie or an app, it’s second to none.

    #71 4 years ago
  72. IL DUCE

    I quoted that it was a fact that Cliffy B sited piracy as a reason for not going multi platform that is just a estimated ratio I had heard at one time if I was unclear I did not mean to tie that to Cliff whatsoever it was a separate statement on my part

    #72 4 years ago
  73. IL DUCE

    I never said PC couldn’t hold its own or pull a profit where are you getting that from? I just said developers want MORE profit by making games available on MORE fucking systems it’s simple math…and yes that’s why I said once again SOME people SOME (key-fucking-word)…I didn’t say everyone that has a PC or laptop but people even like my mom say “Oh I would like an iPad I wouldn’t even need a laptop” and I know plenty of other people feel the same just to use it for web browsing and whatever else they need it for, yes students obviously because they are typing papers all the time like I was two years ago would be impractical but it’s not just teenagers, a lot of people will start to replace laptops with them as tablets become ever more commonplace…I never said they were replacing PC gaming devices I just said that people were using them as gaming devices and some people replacing laptops with them…

    #73 4 years ago
  74. IL DUCE


    and @68 again not to mention Gears 1 eventually made its way on PC anyway, so you obviously have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about

    #74 4 years ago

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