Diablo III – 20 minutes of awesome demon hunter, PvP footage

Sunday, 24 October 2010 00:57 GMT By Johnny Cullen

diablo iii

This honestly looks awesome. Now, about that date, Mike.

Someone’s uploaded the Blizzcon 2010 gameplay demo of Diablo III, which lasts near 20 minutes.

The first 15 minutes or so show footage of the demon hunter, which was announced on Friday to be the last playable class in the game.

There’s also a couple of minutes of PvP footage near the end. That was also announced at the opening ceremony on Friday.

Get both videos below.

Despite the news, we still don’t have even a rough timeline as to when to expect Diablo III. However, speaking today at Blizzcon, director Jay Wilson revealed the game was “way over half-way” done.

Thanks, EndGame.