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Zombies don't scare H1Z1 players, nighttime does

H1Z1 players can face the zombie apocalypse scourge, but surviving nighttime is too much to ask.


The playerbase of zombie survival MMO H1Z1 really doesn't like the dark, according to Daybreak's Jon Smedley.

Smedley took to Reddit to explain a very strange phenomenon: players log out of the game in droves when it turns dark. The game of course features day and night cycles, but when the developer looked at the data, they found out that most players just turn off the game when the sun goes down.

"We play the game too, and we've tuned it as best we could to be fun and not too dark, but the data is quite stark. We are considering experimenting for a few days with no nighttime on the core PVP servers (hardcore would still have it)," said Smedley.

Later adding that the team is looking into daytime-only servers as a result, but that they're still experimenting with how it would work. Some users suggested making the night shorter and slightly brighter.

"Personally I love the night, but data is data and it's you, our players doing the logging out when it gets dark. You are literally voting with your feet on this issue."

H1Z1 is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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