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Zeybold Games: Cthulhu and Breath of Death pack moves 100,000 units on Steam

Zeboyd Games has announced its $3 Steam bundle containing Breath of Death VII: The Beginning and Cthulhu Saves the World has moved 100,000 digital copies since July, which amounts to $300,000.

According to an official blog post on the matter, via Gamasutra, once again, the money derived from the sale is a significant boost over the Xbox Live Indie releases for both titles: Cthulhu Saves the World has sold 20,000 copies ($3) since December 2010 ($60,000), and Breath of Death VII has sold 55,000 ($1) since April 2010 ($55,000) through XBLIG.

"We are ecstatic at the amount of success we’ve seen since releasing our games on the PC," reads the blog. "The days of worrying over whether or not we could support our families while making games we would want to play ourselves are behind us. Counter-intuitive though it may be, there is obviously a definite audience for quality console-style RPGs that are aggressively priced on the PC.

"We are very appreciative of all the support we’ve received from our fans and from Steam and hope to continue making quality games at low prices for you to enjoy for years to come."

The next title from Zeybold is episode three of Penny Arcade's On Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness, which is out next year, and the firm is also tossing around "intriguing ideas for new games that we think you’ll enjoy."

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