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Zack Snyder's director's cuts of both Rebel Moon films that no asked for are out this August

Two for the price of one Netflix subscription.

A still from the Rebel Moon director's cut of a giant robotic woman connected to various glowing wires looking down at someone.
Image credit: Netflix

Zack Snyder just loves his director's cuts, and he's got a couple of them coming, one for each Rebel Moon film he's released with Netflix.

Director's cuts aren't all that common a thing these days. That's probably in part because Hollywood execs are just not that interested in giving filmmakers more money to work on a film that they've already paid and is already finished, and also because they don't want to give up control over their IP - after all, IP is king now. But Snyder at the very least got that opportunity with Justice League, thanks to a bot-inflated fan campaign, and he's trying to do it again with his pair of Rebel Moon films. The director has been hyping them up since even before the standard cut of the first one came out (which calls into question whether he even wanted you to watch that one or not).

Now, on his own Twitter account earlier today, Snyder shared that the director's cuts of both parts of Rebel Moon will be coming to Netflix on August 2. They even both have new names now - Chapter One will be called Chalice of Blood, and Chapter Two will be called Curse of Forgiveness. Both sound slightly too edgy for more liking, but I'm a Shadow the Hedgehog fan, so what do I know about taste anyway?

Hopefully for Snyder's ego they'll be a bit better received than the current releases, as both films were met with quite negative reactions from critics pretty much across the board. Though, when Netflix is a numbers game, who cares about opinions, when the first one was the top viewed film across Netflix upon its release in the lead-up to Christmas? The second film did very well in terms of viewership too, so I can only imagine the director's cuts will put a few bums on couches once again.

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